EX-pat Canadian Community Change in Washington DC

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Canadians’ traditional disposition has exacerbated into their lives as Americans, restricting their degree of association and familiarization. To the best of their knowledge, the loss of the former conservative government by the present liberal one headed by President Justin Trudeau has heralded a new age of not only liberal political dispensation but also the way they communicate in Diaspora. It is unsurprising that the historical cocoons have considerably slowed their association both at home and in America. As a native of Washington, DC, I am also a Canadian by the term Expat. Though we are many, the level of association among the group has been wanting. Needless to say, the majority of this group cannot identify with the happenings of the government and even with other social activities taking place back at home in Canada meaning there is a need for a change.

Their greatest focus is on their families and work as American citizens and not at social events. Having noted this, it is critically important to identify ways in which these people can be able to meet to celebrate together such as during the Canadian Independence Day. In such a highly esteemed occasion, the group can find a great opportunity to meet up and know one another so that they can from an association of Canadian experts, sportsmen, and politicians as well as natives. These social events can create euphoria where ideas of the government can be exchanged and even a union can arise out of this situation just the same way the American Bar Association was formed.

There also some young and even middle-aged Canadians who risk tax evasion prosecutions if they are not provided special legal counsel on time. The only way to let them know of the way to fill out the tax returns in America is by having associations of Counsels residing in DC who can aid in their documentation and defense in case of anything. For the majority of the young Expat Canadians, there is a need for them to meet up with their fellow countrymen who can aid them in forming relationships that can even lead to longer lasting unions. The only way this can happen is by several esteemed members of the group to host dinner parties or even barbecues where even professionals can meet on a night and share ideas as well as experiences for longer relationships.

For the newly arrived Expat Canadians, the formation of get-together party can help them ease up easily into the American culture that is always economically guided. More importantly, the need to have an association with fellow academicians for those who are after gaining success in their academics while for those who seek employment, a proper job culture knowledge can aid their stay in Washington DC. In addition, the climate of American people is quite different from that experienced in parts of Toronto which are always cold with limited hot days. Canadians are allowed to vote in America unlike back at home where the law limits their voting once they have stayed abroad for a period of over five years. Such details need to be shared and even the immigration challenges faced by the newly arrived Expat Canadians in DC need to share so that they can understand how Americans deal with Aliens.

How Change will empower

The rise of social gatherings and unions has the effect of creating a forum for discussion of failures, successes and general experiences of the being. In this regard, individuals who have always felt that they are alone will realize that what they are undergoing is not new. Many of their countrymen undergo the same challenges while in America. For example, the question of immigrants living in the US especially those from Canada can be shared and the rest of the team get to know ways of finding a meeting point in the immigration offices. Political and legal challenges can also be shared and this may lead to associations that can help guide the groups in finding solutions while in America. The feeling of ‘we’ will replace the individualized ‘I’ feeling in the long run leading to the empowered community.

What you contribute

Currently, I am contributing nothing to my place in Washington DC. In my wildest dreams, I never thought that I could find myself thinking of a way to help my community. But even with that in mind, my focus is now on education and I find it very difficult to match the two. Maybe I need to get out there and make a difference but that will take time. My colleagues in school are of the same opinion that they can change their community but how to go about it is the challenge. The reason behind all these is that we are limited in resources, especially, financially. More importantly, the constant periods of examinations stop us from having any form of association with the outside world in a professional and even more interactive manner.


The manner in which I contribute to my community is quite the contrary. I just introduce myself to my fellow Canadians and even to strangers that I just met for the first time. Although the link is always cordial, it is quite frightening owing to my conservative persona. It feels as if I am meeting my sister or my brother but still in a foreign nation there is need to be cautious. Maybe that is where I get it all wrong because social events are meant to shake off those goose bumps and allow people to just have fun no matter what part of the globe they may be located. In my wildest dreams, the need to have a Canadian meet-up group for my classmates and every other Canadian in my community is quite essential. The meet-up will serve as a platform for getting to know one another on a personal basis but in a different country. An Association of Canadian Expats can also help alleviate the fears in my community towards one another.

My other social purpose in the community is that of introducing newly arrived especially from my college to life in the US. For instance, school games can be a good measure to ensuring new Canadian students meet and solve some problems they are facing in Washington. In so doing, I will be ensuring that they carry the knowledge back to their respective families at home and who might be struggling in some way. I can also teach them on the political issues as well as cultural differences between Canadians and Americans. Such a move can aid in their service within the country and also among their neighborhoods. Expat Canadian football supporting groups are a good example of forums that can lead to change among the youth in the community. Such will be a very influential step into their lives.

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