Eugenics and Sperm Wars

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Eugenics is an important phenomenon before, during and after the reproduction process. In his book “Sperm Wars: New insights from evolutionary biology”, Steve Ramm, a famous evolutionary biologist from Bielefeld University, talks about the importance of the male and female gender to the reproduction and development of an offspring. He states that in the process of reproduction, a female will mate with different males several times. But only the premier sperm will fertilize the egg. “The best always wins’ is a principle has been adapted in the area of Biology from as early as 1858 when Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace urged for “survival of the fittest.” The best-adapted species in an environment thrives and perpetuates its genetic composition. This point has added credit to the works of Ramm.

The success of the male spermatozoa among the chimpanzee may be probably due to the size or speed of the sperm (Ramm). Biologically, sperm is the most diverse type of cells in the entire animal kingdom. According to Evolutionary Biologists, evolution of living things has occurred over several years, and this is elaborated according to how they are adapted to their environment.

In conclusion, Ramm proposes that knowledge of adaptability of sperm can be used in the preservation of endangered species. He considers how animals reproduce and the way they reproduce. He then explains that there is a lot of variety and extravagance in sperm production and adaptation is essential to their survival. He concludes that this knowledge can enable reproductive biologists to modify sperm genetically in pursuit of increasing the chance of fertilization of the endangered species for instance.

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