Ethics is the moral value

Ethics is the moral value which governs a person’s actions or behavior. It is likewise known as a philosophical branch dealing with moral values. Ethics deal with moral characteristics which concern right and wrong behaviour. This ensures that the laws or conventions of correct conduct or practice are complied with. This paper addresses numerous ethical problems and how to avoid them at the workplace. The article also explores how administrators and managers demonstrate ethical values and how the definition of social responsibility has changed. List five different ethical issues in the workplace. Then briefly reflect on how they could be prevented.
Several ethical issues affect different workplaces all over the world. Morality and principles-based dilemmas in the workplaces are tough to handle especially when the worker has to choose amid what is right and wrong in accord with their values. Some of the ethical issues in the workplace include deleting consumers from the market research model, lying to employees by the managers or the supervisors. Additionally, adding a unordered list of things to the client request to raise the average dollar bill per sales, abusive behavior, especially from the managers and the supervisors and employee theft in the workplace, are examples of ethical issues. Despite the fact that there are several unethical issues in the workplaces, they can also be prevented.
Some of the ways of preventing unethical issues in the workplace are by ensuring that there is an ethics officer in the organization. The officer will make sure that the standards systems are intact and operational. Another way of preventing unethical issues is by teaching the staffs what the firm requires hence giving them the chance to practice and apply the values in different situations (Valentine et al. 2014). Moreover, it can be prevented through monitoring and assessing the scope to which the personnel accepts and internalize the values and codes of the company. The firm must have the code of ethics that defines the expectations of business precisely. There are also penalties for deteriorating to meet the standards in that code. Showing the workers appreciation will prevent unethical issues since the employees will feel part of the company hence they become loyal since they are being appreciated for the work well done.
How do you think managers and business executives should display ethical principles?  Give an example
Manager and business executives must show moral principles through ethical leadership. This is very crucial since it shapes the firm_x0092_s ethics and seizes the opportunity of creating an environment that strengthens the affiliations and repute on which the organization_x0092_s success depends. Also, ethical leadership is very imperative since it is connected with various desired outcomes that are allied to their subordinates at the personal and team level. An example of an ethical principle is having respect for others (Valentine et al. 2014). All the managers and the business executives must show respect for the human poise, privacy, the rights and the interest of those involved in making decisions. They have to treat all persons equally with reverence and dignity irrespective of race, nationality, and sex.
How has the concept of social responsibility changed?  Select an area you think will evolve over the next ten years and speculate on why and what might happen?
Social responsibility encompasses developing business with a positive rapport towards the society that they operate. The concept of social responsibility has changed since the companies have approached it in a strategic way that aligns the projects with the business model and goals hence improving the company_x0092_s competitive advantage (Kolk, 2016). In the past, social responsibility was unrelated to the firm_x0092_s core business, and it attempted to prevent condemnation rather than promoting the real growth. In the next ten years, there will be a change in the United Kingdom since there will be a collective attention to the idea of sustainability. The change is brought about by companies being cognizant of the influence of their business towards the community, including the environment and the shareholders. The core reason why change is happening is due to the outdated views about surviving, profit and competition are being swept away.

Valentine, S., Hollingworth, D., & Eidsness, B. (2014). Ethics-related selection and reduced ethical conflict as drivers of positive work attitudes: Delivering on employees_x0092_ expectations for an ethical workplace. Personnel Review, 43(5), 692-716.
Kolk, A. (2016). The social responsibility of international business: From ethics and the environment to CSR and sustainable development. Journal of World Business, 51(1), 23-34.

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