Ethical Thinking and Business Ethics

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Some succumb to the tentation of acting against the laws aimed at maintaining dignity, fairness and decency in the workplace. Sometimes a colleague of mine faked a sickness for an entire month and for me it was totally unethical. One of the reasons why people behave unethically is by creating a feeling of frustration, particularly when they know that the efforts and resources they invest in the organization are treated unfairly or not rewarded. Another reason to blame for unethical behaviors at the workplace is an individual factor where the employee who had for a long time obeyed the authority figures dishonest acts to avoid punishment. They proceed to manipulate everyone for their gain and fail to link their actions and the resulting outcomes.

Effective Safeguard to Prevent Unethical Behaviors

Showing appreciation to loyal employees helps them feel valued for the hard work they invest daily in the organization. Such employee would always give priority to the needs of the organization over theirs since they consider that to be the just thing to do. An employee who is well appreciated would feel guilty acting unethically as they would not want to break the trust that their leaders have bestowed upon them. Another safeguard against unethical actions at the workplace is hiring staffs not only for experience and education but also for value. Employees with values not only are capable of handling the tasks assigned to them in the best way possible, but also ensure that their work choices and actions mesh with the culture of the organization. Irrefutably, some of the unethical decisions among the employees are engineers by the top management, and its only them that can bring the desired change.

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