Environmental Protection

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Environmental protection is essential for creating favorable conditions for life; consequently people should not solely dream or be hopeful about making a change, but also make other human beings understand the need to contribute in the direction of making such change.
The most unrealistic person in the world is the cynic, not the dreamer.
The notion of sustainability revolution is purely idealistic and unrealistic.
If an individual thinks h/she cannot make certain, then any efforts might not bear any fruits.

Steve Jobs said that “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” (Miller and Scott 480).

Sustainability revolution depends on people’s understanding that individuals matter when it comes to fostering sustainability.

From Miller and Scott’s perspective, each of people’s actions and choices makes a difference (480).

People should always seek ways of contributing to the environment in which they live.

Hawken pointed that, “Hope only makes sense when it does not make sense to be hopeful” (Bloom and Brian 67).

Leaders should model the possibility of change in themselves (Bloom and Brian 67).

They should understand that before they can help other people to change and grow, they should be willing and capable of changing and growing themselves.

Cynic individuals blame life for unfavorable environment yet they do not want to respect boundaries and limits of the earth’s resources.

The blame is due to lack of will and commitment to embrace change and adapt to new conditions.

Paul Hawken says that “life creates the conditions that are conducive to life” (McNall, James, and George 321).

The writer’s quote reflects the idea that, people who survive on this planet are those who respect the boundaries and limits of the earth’s resources.

People design less adaptable conditions and try holding the bowl still. For example, people destroy the environment and design air conditioning units which can hold temperature at constant levels.

However, disruptions in the system such as destruction of forests can lead to unfavorable conditions such as extreme climate changes and hurricane which strike people’s designs because they cannot move to new states of equilibrium.

People should recognize that there is a relationship between nature and life.

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