Environmental Issues: Alternative Energy Sources

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Myers et al. (2014) state that carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide among other carbon compounds released because of fossil fuels’ usage by members of a particular ecosystem. To stop jeopardizing the environment and its sustainability, a carbon footprint decrease by an initial 25% would be vital (Rogelj et al., 2014). This document recommends utilizing wind energy as an alternative for lessening the number of emissions by 25% in modern times and as a strategy for the long-term sustainability of the energy sources (Midilli, Dincer & Ay, 2006). The offered plans will give both the ecological and economic reasons behind this type of solution. The proposal also includes relevant literature analysis, the intended methods to be used, the objectives as well as strategies for accomplishing the objectives.

Figure 1: Image of Wind Mills/Turbines

Source: Department of Energy (2017)

Background of the Problem

The amount of carbon emitted by E227 GS keeps increasing with every passing day as demand for its products increases as well. The demand, though, does not show any signs of going down. The need for green energy has never been greater. There have been constant complaints by the neighboring communities with relating to air pollution (Myers et al., 2014). Furthermore, the visible black carbon (BC) is much worse in effect compared to the effects of the not so visible carbon dioxide (CO2). While the effect of BC is short lived, the effects of CO2 are long lasting and may very easily span centuries.

The increasing effect of carbon emissions on the atmosphere also impacts climate. Radiation modifying substances are the most common by-product of the action of burning fossil fuels. Resultantly, there is either a cooling or warming effect that contradicts the usual weather or climate patterns. Rogelj et al. (2014) suggest that as the world ponders over possible solutions and the climate policy reviews the available options, it is extremely vital to understand the linkages between various contributors to the damaging effects. E227 is one of the players involved in the burning of fossil fuels, and therefore, a green solution will be needed sooner rather than later.

Besides the environmental hazard that the fossil fuel consumption poses to the whole world, there are other safety concerns from the increased carbon emissions. Over the years, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has been linked to occupations or lifestyles lived around industries that emit carbonic, nitrous and sulphuric gasses. Green energy solutions, also, when compared to fossil fuels are renewable and therefore easier to maintain. Utilization of fossil fuels and constant release of carbon-related gasses into the atmosphere would only cost more when there is need to purchase even greater coal or petroleum deposits. Economic sustainability then also becomes an issue. As such, a reduction in carbon footprint would not only eliminate health risks but will also be a catalyst for environmental and economic sustainability (Midilli et al., 2006).

Purpose Statement

This report proposes Wind energy as a sustainable green energy option for E227 GS aimed at reducing the carbon footprint by 25%.


The goal of the proposal is to recommend a Wind turbine installation as a sustainable green energy strategy that E227 GS can adopt to reduce the carbon footprint by 25%. In order to attain this goal, two objectives will be used:

To justify the choice of Wind Energy over other sources of green energy.

To outline criteria for selecting a site for installation of Wind turbines.

To determine the suitability of the use of Wind turbines as a green energy alternative to the exhaustive fossil fuels currently in use by E227 GS.

According to the European Wind Energy Association (2009), wind energy is almost unmatched when it comes to the services it offers. Besides being clean, unlike other conventional electricity sources, it does not make use of water – which is growing scarcer by the day. In the United States, it was observed in 2016 that wind capacity increased by 31% over the past decade; which means that the production could also be localized to satellite departments at E227 GS for backup situations. The most important reason behind the choice of Wind is its cleanness. It is arguably the most effective source of green energy. It is well capable of reducing the effect of carbon emissions by 14% if one company was using then. It is though that if E227 GS was to adopt its use, other organizations would also embrace it, thereby reducing the number of institutions using fossil fuels for energy production. Ultimately, energy amounts are reduced hugely (Council, 2010).

The EWEA (2009) suggests that a wind turbine location needs to be on a raised point, probably a hill or a mountain. In most areas, the strength of the wind increases with increase in altitude up to a certain height above which the seeds are either constant or decline. Regardless of the altitude of the chosen location, the strength of the wind is the most important aspect. The determination of the suitability of the selected energy source is important so that every member of the organization buys into the idea. The larger the quorum and greater the support, the easier it is to move forward.


This section presents the strategies for achieving the objectives outlined in the previous section. The demand for a quick implementation would be useful since the effects of carbon emissions worsens with every minute. However, there needs to be an understanding of the procedures that would be useful for E227 GS to follow to attain the set goals. The following two paragraphs explain the manner in which each objective will be achieved:

In order to justify the preference of Wind Energy, a further review of literature will be conducted. This review will be useful so as to provide the necessary empirical evidence of the usefulness of Wind as a resource in producing green energy.

The determination of the site of setting up the turbines will hugely depend on the distance to the E227 GS offices. For instance, if a satellite office is situated close to an appropriate location, then the turbines would be installed close to that office. Alternatively, if all the ideal distances are far off, the point with the strongest winds and with consistent speeds over a one-year period will be used. The one year period would ensure that the green energy solution endures the test of time over all the seasons of the year.

Finally, to assess the suitability of Wind energy as an alternative to fossil fuels, there are a number of measures that will be applicable. Precisely, three types of feasibility will be assessed. First and foremost, the economic feasibility will be used to assess if E227 has sufficient finances in its account to budget for the windmill installations in the coming year. Other subscriptions and miscellaneous costs also need to be factored in in this regard. Secondly, environmental feasibility would involve assessing whether or not the turbines will be a hindrance to the normal functioning of the neighboring community.

Since the primary goal is the division manager, it is expected that they are conversant with most of the energy terminology. However, for the sake of the other members of the board of directors who will also have access to the proposal, it would be useful to provide the definition of terms.


Solution and Benefits

This section presents the intended timeline for completion of the proposal. The section, however, does not provide any information on the proposed budget that the implementation may take since there are a number of factors that would determine the cost implications, many of which are unknown at this point in time. The work plan is in Table 1. Wind energy provides jobs to those installing the turbines. The fact that it is constantly readily available is quite intriguing since even during night hours, the processes continue contrary to solar power. Its renewability also makes it better than the threats of exhaustion of other green sources like hydroelectric power. Installed turbines are also beautiful to the eye and may, therefore, attract tourists. There is also the potential of starting a revolution of Wind Energy usage in large scale.

Table 1: Timeline of Activities


The exact cost implications are uncertain. However, according to Outlook (2010), most turbines used commercially in the world today, are approximately 2MW. The approximate installation cost of such mills is roughly 3.8million dollars both in the United Kingdom as well as in the United States.


Wind energy assures E227 GS of provision of clean, sustainable, healthy, and sufficient, with potential for creating jobs as well as a readily available solution. For a long time, E227 GS has struggled to regulate the amount of carbon it releases. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of green energy. Wind Energy is one of not so many sources of ‘green energy’ alongside Solar, Hydroelectric and geothermal power. Wind energy provides the option of allowing for the creation of energy at any time of the day, thereby affording the flexibility that Solar Energy usually does not have.

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