Environmental Education

The factor of environmental setup should be a major consideration when putting up learning and educational setups. This is due to the results that environment poses to learning, concentration, and health of the students. Concerning the data provided in chapter twelve of the article I have analyzed, it is clear that environmental impact is exceptional and can lead to critical failure of learners if now not designed to suit the educational, emotional, physical and psychological necessities fit for learning. This is because the surroundings is associated with aspects of stress, nervousness and mental developments that are key facilitators of learning.
In that context, therefore, I would observe this information by thinking about the cultural differences in the educational setup and coming up with strategies wich ensure that all cultures and racial differences are administered for effectively. In addition to this, I will make sure that special needs of all the learners and their supporting staff are catered for appropriately. Moreover, I will ensure that all environmental agents such as noise pollution and surrounding environment are friendly for learning. I will also ensure that the school space is maintained green to eliminate aspects of dirt pollution and allergies that could result in ill health. Another application, that I will include in this set up, is conducive lighting and air conditioning. Considering that different genders have different air conditioning requirements, I will come up with a design that will ensure that all the learners are catered for regarding conducive environment maintenance in learning.

More into this, I will alter some of the school environment to better suit stress and health levels. To begin with, I will reduce the use of lighting and encourage the use of natural light to reduce the effects of artificial lighting on the visual ability of the learners. In addition to this, I will increase the use of natural ventilation rather than air conditioning. This is because air conditioning is not always conducive for everybody. Also, I will design the learning structures in such a way that they are soundproof and the learners do not get affected by external noise. With these applications, I believe that the education and learning environment will be fit for learning and no stress and health effects will be lurking for the learners.

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