Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP)

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Quite often, disasters occur and adversely affect the members of the society as they lead to the substantial destruction of properties and loss of lives. As a result, it has become necessary for the a number of stakeholders (key among them being government institutions and non-governmental organizations) to come up with various techniques of countering disasters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has formulated several programs that are aimed at teaching societal members to respond to emergencies. One of the programs instituted via FEMA is the Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP). This paper demonstrates that the EMPP is not only designed to ensure that the neighborhood members gain the required skills and knowledge that would enable them to respond to any disaster effectively.

Summary of the Program

The primary objective of EMPP is to enhance emergency management; to do so, the program offers a progressive and structured methodology of skills and knowledge acquisition, which is required in handling any emergency situation. In the National Emergency Management Basic Academy, the learners are trained on emergency management system similar to the ones taught to the law enforcement and fire service officers. However, in the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy, the students are taught the relevant theories that are used while managing an emergency (FEMA, 2017). Additionally, the students use case studies to broaden their knowledge and, thus, sharpen their skills. While in the academy, the learners also receive lessons on effective communication skills, strategic reasoning, and team building. For the three years, the students are in the academy they gain experience as a result of working hand in hand with an emergency management organization. The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) also has a National Emergency Management Executive Academy, which formulates a comprehensive curriculum and makes policies related to emergency management (FEMA, 2017). Besides, the academy explores modern and more efficient mechanisms of overcoming challenges witnessed in the current times. By doing so, the institution comes up with more efficient means of handling disasters and even responding to them.

Reasons Why the Program Interests Me

As noted from the above summary, the EMPP is aimed at making sure that learners get the required skills to enable them to respond to emergencies. What interests me is the realization that there are some skills that one can make use while responding to a disaster and, hence, be in a position to prevent immense loss of lives and properties. Additionally, I am interested in the fact that students are offered an opportunity to work in organizations that are mandated to respond to disasters; which makes it possible for one to have the requisite expertise needed to counter disasters before he/she graduates from the institutions that offer EMPP.

Benefits from the Course of Study

The essence of undertaking the EMPP cannot be underestimated as it enables one to combat disasters. Since accidents are inevitable, it is paramount for members of society to be taught on mitigating them, hence, reducing their impacts (Seneviratne, Pathirage, Amaratunga & Haigh, 2011). For instance, the societal members can be made aware that they should not settle in valleys or on low plains since floods can occur at any time. Therefore, it is evident that the EMPP is not only designed as a measure of reducing the impacts of disasters but also a favorite means of preventing them.


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