Electric motors of UAS

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Unmanned aerial vehicles normally come in varying shapes and sizes. They range from small microrobots to giant drones such as General Atomic MQ-9, which is ready for combat. Autonomous operations demand is on the rise as they entail little technicality and are more efficient than humans. For example, the U.S. air force has such great craft as Northrop Grumman’s global hawk used for airborne surveillance. It works within 65,000 feet of height for more than one and a half days. Its radar resolution has the capacity to generate 1/0.3-m images. It is also capable of surveying more than 40,000 square miles within a day (Valavanis et al., 2014). Electric motors are better for small application since they are more reliable than the drones. They also reduce the operation cost by eliminating liquid fuel and lubrication challenges involved with the gas engines. Such motors are less noisy, and hence they have a higher surveillance advantage. Examples of electric motors include Draganfly which is an electric helicopter with six counter-rotating carbon fibers connected to six silent dc motors and requires no maintenance. It can still fly even when one of the motors is faulty.

The system senses the engine stoppage and attempts to restart while controlling the power usage periodically. The system has three magnetometers and three accelerometers and a GPS handset for semi-autonomous operations. The machine has a ceiling height of 8000 feet and a 20 minutes flight time without a payload. A 2.5 GHz express series band data links with a bandwidth of 250-kbit/s is used to maintain the control. A separate PAL and NTSC compatible videos operate at 5.8 GHz.

Electric Plane

It has more efficiency than the helicopters, rendering it preferable for the long range and duration unmanned aerial systems. An AeroVironment’s man-portable is one of the most preferred surveillance machines by the U.S ground troops. It has an infrared and a side looking camera that transmits live videos via radio. The aircraft lands using a deep stall, the nose flips up, and the machine falls foremost with a tail, and the operators only replace the battery before relaunching it (Wong, 2010).

Most of its Batteries are rechargeable although others are of single use. The machine maximizes on its system of digital communication which supports over 40 channels of audio, control as well as video transmissions. This utilization is beyond four channels found in the analog system as used before. It can also handle internet protocols causing it to be a wireless access point.

Many of the UAVs including their mission and electronic flights systems are manufactured from the ground up. A generic piccolo system combines all those systems and incorporates them into the existing as well as new aircraft. It can directly hook to sensors on the external side of the controlled airplane. The software deals with a semi-autonomous hold up to provide steadiness and smooth navigation. It can also switch between INS and the GPS in the case of signal loss. By use of shuttle radar terrain map, the system provides terrain awareness to avoid the collision.

The piccolo’s airframe is built using superior complex materials like carbon fiber. Wing and the stabilizer are attached to a lightweight structure, and it uses two electric engines to force the propellers. Each engine is equipped with a gearbox to provide high thrust at low rotations per minute. Its battery is quick to replace since it has a magazine style carrier.


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