Educational System Difference

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An educational culture is a dynamic institution that requires a deep understanding to be able to conceptualize the essential variables that distinguish a specific framework. In several ways, the US educational system has been questioned in the manner in which it reinforces its ideals and in some cases has even been said to be mediocre (Fallows, 2015). Chinese education, which is unique in its understanding of foreign students and the amount of hours spent in school, is one important cultural community that is said to have a different and potentially better educational system. The Chinese education is famous for its stance on international students where a majority of the schools do not welcome the idea of welcoming foreign students. It is noted that the standpoint that the Chinese hold is different from the couture that is promoted in the US as a majority of the students are foreign and from diverse cultures. It underscores the fact that while many US schools have flags from many countries being represented in the educational institutions, there is no such concept in the Chinese culture that appears to be more traditional in nature (DeBoer, 2010).

Another basic tenet that makes the Chinese culture unique is the consideration of the number of hours spent in the learning setting. While a basic Chinese school would spend 200 days in a school year, the American system would translate to 180 days. Furthermore, while schools are closed in the US during snow days, the same does not apply in China where students are encouraged to walk on the snow or consider other alternatives because school is never canceled because of snow on the roads (DeBoer, 2010). It is thus identified that while the Chinese culture encourages more focus on the hours spent in school, the Americans are more lenient and accommodative in case there is a setback that prevents a student from attending school.

It is thus inferred that based on the culture that is promoted in the Chinese society, some distinct values are passed on to the students from the way the students are trained. It is apparent that the Chinese deem adherence to the traditional system and do not allow for foreigners. The belief is that the China society does not provide for the creation of a system of multiculturalism and diversity possibly because of the challenge of violence that has been publicized in many schools in China (DeBoer, 2010). Another value that is considered critical in education for the Chinese education is that school time is purely meant for educational activities with no or limited allowable excuses as further described by more hours spent in school compared to the US. Thus, based on the identified factors, the US and Chinese educational systems have distinct qualities that help in understanding the values upheld and treasured in education.


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