Educational goal of the Wyoming 8 Run

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This challenge gives our organization a rare chance to work with the University of Wyoming in the continuation of responsible alcohol usage in all colleges in America and not just at Wyoming University. In conjunction with the support provided to Wyoming secondary school students and Wyoming college students, raisers from education funds such as Wyoming 8 Run will play a key role in the region’s growth (Raudenbush, 2005).
Logistical Details
The event will comprise an 8-mile run, around the Wyoming University Main campus, will be known as the Wyoming 8 Run, and will be held on the 19th of December 2017.
Target Population
The target population for this project is the campus is the Wyoming scholarly community. By targeting the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse, and the fatal effects it has had on students in the past, the Wyoming 8 Run will efficiently impart the perceptions of the high school and college students, and by extension, the entire Wyoming community (Gould, 2007). For this project, we are planning for an average of 2500 people.
Promotional Plan
To get the word out regarding the event, the project will incorporate the use of social media as well as paid advertisements on local radio stations and cable tv networks. It is only by implementing socially conscious, grant-providing ventures such as the Wyoming 8 Run, and advertising their cause and its deliverables that we will be collectively be able to garner significant participation and support in the development and enrichment of the Wyoming community (Wyoming Remember the 8 Mini Grants RFP (2017).
In addition, the campaign will continue collaborative efforts from the various faculty and student organizations at the University of Wyoming. The A- team will form a large part of this collaborative efforts, helping us execute this scholarly and ethically sound event.
Total Budget for the Wyoming 8 Run
Item Description Expenditure
Entry Fee $10 Per Person. $25, 000
Food and Hydration $4 per person. $10, 000
Medals $5 per person. $12, 500
T-Shirts $3 per person. $7, 500

Total Projected Revenue= $25, 000. Total Projected Expenditure= $30, 000.
Amount Requested from A-team
For this project to succeed, the A-team needs to aid us in securing the $5000 deficit in the budget. The amount would go a long way to secure the resources necessary to plan the event.
Amount of Matching Funds
Monies received from well wishers and stakeholders will also contribute to the success of the Wyoming 8 Run.

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