Educational Assessment Tools

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Education evaluation methods are essential to allowing learners to learn qualitatively. The use of separate evaluations and educational instruments offers various inputs to strengthen the education department. Standardized instructional assessment tools are a vital approach to enhancing the classroom evaluation process. The tools are capable of effectively handling and assessing evaluations; these tools are particularly suitable for evaluation. With a developing assortment of instruments to choose, I will break down some of the more well-known tools mainly TS gold, work sampling, and the ASQ educational assessment instruments.
The work sampling assessment tool is a critical educational tool. The tools are based on the observations about the students learning as well as interacting with them. A work sampling tool is an evaluation tool for the learning progress which helps to improve the teachers’ observations and instruction processes with the learners. However, it is critical to provide information about the advancement of the students as well as the strengths and the weaknesses while undertaking their education. The is vital in the provision of logical information about the student progress in their studies as well as their social improvements (Saliba 321-327).

ASQ tool is an essential educational tool. The device enhances the provision of quality and gaining support from the stakeholders through partnership activities. An institution may also gain support from the community as well as business people thus enhancing the provision of quality in the learning organization. The tool helps to improve the performance of the school as well as the capabilities of the school. However, the assessment tool can also assist in the planning and execution activities and the creation of learning opportunities. In comparison to the other educational assessment tools, ASQ tool contributes to evaluate the systems and improve the processes in the systems.

The Ts Gold educational tool is a key instrument for the learning process. In comparison to the other educational tools, the teaching strategy gold device provides the illustrations and the instructions on how to access resources used for the educational purpose. The device enhances the teachers to utilize the online resources and gather the meaningful information efficiently. The instrument increases the utilization of online platforms which can be used to the learners to store the learning materials and share them with the other students. The platform does not entail the aspect of gaining the support from the stakeholders but rather creating useful platforms to enhance the students answer a variety of questions.

Having discussed these major tools, if a teacher does not find any of the two tools conducive for his or her students, another vital tool they can use is Google Forms. As indicated by Holy (2014), Google Forms is an extremely impactful classroom assessment instrument. The instructor can push out various questions through the manner using a format of a survey. The student’s response can then be compiled into a spreadsheet for examination, separation and educated instructing. The instructor can likewise join contingent designing into the spreadsheet by adding shaded foundation to the wrong answers so he can within a short time distinguish students that are getting on well and the ones that are battling and will require help.


Gradually, the educational assessment tools are evident to be necessary for the learning process of the students. However, there are differences in the comparison of the three educational assessment instruments. The tools aim at the provision of quality education and improve the learning process of the students. Eventually, the teachers and the learners should utilize the different educational tools to enhance the delivery of quality in the learning process.


Saliba, Marie-Thérèse. “Educational Assessment Tools For An Equitable Supervision”. Procedia

– Social and Behavioral Sciences 116 (2014): 321-327. Web.

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