Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey Company

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Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey Company is a small retail company that plans to deal with the distribution, selling and supply of game kits and other sports kits. The company engaged in the selling of sports equipment is a very brilliant decision when the company has already earned ample mileage in the customer base. Hockey, a big sport in which the team has thrived, would have an easy channel to encourage club fans to purchase kits and other sports equipment from the brand. Starting up the business will be successful owing to the fact there is a ready market for the product, and the company will incur very few marketing and advertising costs while the profit is maximized.

The business is being created with the main aim of generating revenue for the company which can be channeled into other sectors of the economy. Additionally, starting up the business provides the entrepreneur with the courage to manifest his or her skills in the concerned area of study.

Opening up the business will act as stepping stone towards the business world. Smooth operations and running of the activities of the organization will bring the business venture into the global market and gain international recognition (Pinson, 67). Additionally, more employment opportunities will be created and more innovations will also come on board.

The mission statement

The mission of the company will be to ensure they distribute quality goods based on the standard legal structure. The business will be the service kind of industry where the customer is provided with the service request he or she possess. For the company to achieve this, the company has to be restructured into key management structures that will be essential in running the business at different levels. The human resource department will be the major part of the enterprise, and the managers who will work for the business will be all round (Lee, 56). Sound managers understand the needs of the workers and the ethics required in the workplace thus such expertise can help in building the reputation of the business.

Goals and objectives

The primary objective of the firm is to ensure they reach out a larger customer base and ensure the constant sale of its items. This will result in huge profits which can be used to elevate the living standards of other individuals hence making them self-sufficient.

Products and services

The main products which the company will distribute are sporting gears, shirts, shorts and other equipment and the mode of the sale will be mostly online. Also, the company’s products will be distributed and sold during match days.

Work cited

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