economic growth and Fiscal Responsibility letter to congress

I’d like to use this chance to remember and respect the important role and duty that your subcommittee plays in the nation’s economic affairs. The Senate has tasked the subcommittee with undertaking an in-depth review and study of significant tax distributions and investments that have a direct effect on the US economy. The subcommittee’s policies have a direct effect on the nation’s long-term growth opportunities. The panel is also in charge of overseeing the national debt as well as the Treasury Department’s activities. The taxpayer’s money is in the hands of the subcommittee hence the public depends on it to ensure efficient management and allocation of resources.
It is with the above understanding of the roles of the subcommittee that I write this letter in regard to the increasing struggles faced by the middle class and the working poor in the United States in nearly every sphere of their lives. A vibrant middle-class is a key ingredient towards a sustainable economic growth. Despite many promises made by several regimes in the past, little attention has been directed towards elevating the living standards of the middle-class and the working poor. The gap between the upper-class and the middle-class has continued to widen and the employment opportunities are shrinking. In the wake of the new regime under President Donald Trump, the nation need to subcommittee needs to focus on coming up with strategies that promote economic growth and development in both private and public sectors.
There are basically four means that the federal government through the advice of the subcommittee can employ to improve the living standards of the working poor and the middle-class. They include creation of decent jobs, college education, economically empowered neighborhoods and financial well-being. One of the platforms upon which Donald Trump campaigned on was on the creation of jobs within the country. In his statement, he argued that jobs opportunities in the United States were being taken over by immigrants. He reasoned that cheap importation of products from China and other trading blocs such as NAFTA and the TPP. He promised to make manufacturers in the United States cease from importing cheap raw materials and products that they can manufacturer so as to create more job opportunities. The president must prove to the country that he indeed supports the middle-class and is ready to put off the general notion that Republicans are less concerned with the working poor. The moves proposed by the president can yield good results provided that they are properly undertaken.
However, the implementation of the proposed measures by the president may present huge hurdles in the implementation process owing to the politics and diverse interests surrounding the issues. The subcommittee should therefore undertake the duty of advising the president on the best and quick means of increasing job opportunities in the country. College education allows individuals to be well equipped in regards to accessing the best employment opportunities that calls for specific skills. Lack of basic skills is a key factor that contributes to widespread unemployment. College tuition fees should be made affordable to every individual and students should be given reasonable loans by the government so as to lower the debt that is normally experienced after studies. Government scholarships need to be extended to poor and deserving students who are not in a position to pay for their tuition fees.
Many neighborhoods in the city suburbs have become very dangerous marked by increasing criminal activities. The issue of gun violence that has become rampant in the United States needs to be addressed. Gun violence has led to the loss of many middle-class and the working poor in the large cities such as Chicago, Cincinnati, Charlotte and Detroit among others. Safe neighborhoods will allow the people to go about their daily activities without the worry of losing their lives. Parents will not be worried of losing their children to drug abuse and other reckless behavior.
The problem of gun violence has been a subject of debate in many congressional sittings but it has created a sharp political divide between Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats have shown support towards proper background checks as well as limiting acquisition of firearms among those in the watch list. Republicans have supported background checks with fewer restrictions in regards to acquisition of firearms. I feel that the matter has been subjected to a lot of politics yet many innocent Americans continue to lose their lives. As an independent subcommittee, you can take an active role in ensuring that safety is attained in all American neighborhoods so as to create conducive environment for economic growth. Accessibility to financial services such as loans should be made available by the financial institutions so as to allow the private sector to expand their operations. This will allow the middle-class to become more independent and economically vibrant.
I therefore inform the subcommittee to take radical steps aimed at addressing the challenges of the American middle-class and the working poor so as to ensure a steady economic growth and development.

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