Economic Development of the US

1. The essay gives a clear description of the events that dominated the US’s attempts to improve its economic ability. Ann discusses how the US, under difficulties such as peace reconstruction, has been able to conceal its economic ambitions. In order to take over the territory controlled by the Hawaiian King, Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, the US used its military force. According to Ann, the main drive behind the actions of the US was to take over these regions’ primary economic activities. Indeed, this is true because there are no reports that were not commercially feasible of the US invading regions. Their capitalist impulses brought them largely to areas with productive factories.
2. The writer notes that the US was justified to advance its interest under the manifest destiny. The US was the most superior power at the time and this had to reflect in the availability and prices of commodities. Therefore, the country had to annex some of the key industries booming around the world to enhance its economic wellbeing. These actions were necessary at the time and could not be avoided. However, they should have acted as lessons. The writer is sad that the negative events resulting from the manifest destiny did not teach Americans any lessons and this has continued to date. These are valid insights on the issue of imperialism that should be taken up by the leadership and citizenry to avoid a repeat of these events.

3. The writer notes that the overseas adventures undertaken by the US at the advent of the 20th century brought great economic benefits to the country. The country used its vast naval power to take over the regions with a booming sugar industry due to fertile lands and cheap factors of production such as labor. In the Spanish-American war, the US disguised under the need to restore law and order and maintain peace. However, the country was mainly after the economic interests. The writer appreciates that despite the economic interests, the US was able to achieve other key mandates such as restoration of independence to Cuba. This is partly true because some of the countries were left better off than before the US intervention. However, it is also important to appreciate that the situation deteriorated in some other nations.

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