“Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops.”

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“Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops” is the title of the workshop. The workshop’s main subject is “Dietary and Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.” During the workshop, a community representative who works for the Public Health Department acted as the moderator. The seminar aimed to educate community members about the recommended diet to prevent any potential health problems. Also, the speaker stressed the importance of physical activity in preserving good health. Individuals may live a healthy life by keeping their bodies involved. First, the facilitator outlined a list of both food and non-food products needed for a balanced diet. The food items include healthy food with a great taste as well as healthy snacks. Besides, the facilitator mentioned that it is possible to eat healthy at a low cost. However, healthy living is not only based on the diet, but also includes physical activities which enhance person’s overall well-being. He also made a point by informing how food poisoning can be prevented. In my opinion, the workshop was educative since it included all the essential tips and advice for healthy living.

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