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Drogo is my adopted stunning mahogany Belgian Malinois dog. He is not an ordinary dog but a decorated marine working dog with four excursions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Drogo walks with absolute confidence in his gait and frequently wears an aggressive facial expression that reminds me of a drill sergeant. Despite the stern exterior, he is caring to those he finds sincere and fearless to adversaries he regards as a threat to my three-year-old daughter, Katie. Moreover, Drogo has appointed himself as Katie’s confidant and protector, executing his duties with poise and precision only regarded to him. One gets a sense that he takes his job seriously. When not taking part in with Katie in the yard, or making an early morning run with me, Drogo can be found relaxing under the shade of a tree or occasionally taking a dip in the pool to cool off during the summer heat.
Besides, Drogo has a tan appearance or mahogany depending one’s knowledge of colors. His ears are black and erect like antennae’s. His muzzle is also black in color and sharp teeth that make him fearsome. Drogo has a lean, slim body with an upright posture that speaks of unmatched confidence in himself. He is brilliant with a keen sense of smell. His favorite food is chicken wings. He enjoys watching television and can be found sprawled across the family sofa, quiet and keenly follows his favorite program. His favorite program is Rex, also a military dog from which he draws inspiration. After the program ends, he stretches his lean body on the couch, leaks his paws and falls asleep. Looking at him, I can’t refrain from smiling and feeling grateful for the many times he has saved my life in the battlefield. For me, Drogo is not only my best friend but also an integral part of my family.

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