Donating Platelets

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Ciana Jones wrote this essay to show her students why it was necessary to donate platelets and convince them to donate more.
The article starts by pointing out that blood loss is the only thing in common with burning, injuries and firearms abuse. It often occurs more frequently that blood donation is required. The author argues that it is not only important to give blood consistently, but also to donate platelets. The author goes on to state that in every minute that passes, there is a fellow American somewhere on their death bead due to massive bleeding maybe as a result of an accident or gunshot wound. The author derives her thesis from this argument proposing that it is a civic duty for people to donate platelets to help save lives.

The author looks to convince people to donate platelets through teaching them the importance of platelets in the body and why they are so desperately needed, the simplicity of the donating process and benefits of donating. In the first part of the body, the author states that according to the American Red Cross, platelets are the components of the body that are responsible for blood clots. They are made in the bone marrow and survive in the circulatory system. They stop bleeding by sticking to the lining of the injured blood vessel or vessels. According to OUHSC. EDU, blood vessels are surrounded by fibers that enclose them like envelopes. These fibers attract platelets like a magnet.

According to the article, there is a huge demand for platelets in hospitals. This is because according to the Red Cross, in every thirty seconds, there is always a person in dire need of platelet donation. Therefore, donating platelets would help patients survive major surgeries, accidents or gunshots that would otherwise claim their lives. In addition, donations would also help patients with blood disorders and cancer patients get through treatment.

The article outlines two processes used during platelet donations. The first one is through donating the whole blood. This process takes roughly twenty to thirty minutes. However, this method is considered less effective and is therefore not preferred. The second method is widely used. It is called apheresis. Apheresis takes roughly two to three hours. During the process, blood is fed into a special machine that spins blood separating platelets in the process. After the plates have been sieved out, the blood is then fed black into the body. However, this process is only done in select American Cross Donation Process and requires an appointment.

The author the goes on to outline the benefits of donating platelets. The first one is the satisfaction that comes with saving lives. The second benefit is that after donating, most people have claimed to feel less sluggish, more relaxed and fulfilled. The process is also painless because a small needle is used compared to the one used during normal blood donation. Moreover, a person’s number of platelets goes back to normal after just one week. The icing on the cake is the refreshments and badge of honor that one received after donating platelets.

The essay is generally well written. It is well structured and the author uses simple English to put their points across. The article is also well researched. The author does not give opinions but hard facts obtained from various sources such as the Red Cross and The Blood Connection. Finally, the article is convincing, it highlights the need for making donations, its benefit to the public and to self.

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