Donald Trump’s Health Care

Only on rare occasions does criticism in politics present itself in a positive light. There was no shortage of venomous commentary in response to President Donald Trump’s “Healthcare Reforms to Make America Great Again” speech. Mr. Trump’s new healthcare plans, according to’s Peter Suderman, demonstrate his complete disregard for expertise. He goes on to say that the so-called plan is nothing more than a collection of words that are vaguely related to healthcare policy. It is clear that Trump not only understands the meaning of healthcare policy, but also that he will never consider hiring anyone who is not one of his employees. According to another journalist by the name Paul Demko, he viewed the plan as Trump healthcare surrender. Considering the fact that Trump has repeatedly stated that poor Americans should not be dying in the street, while on the contrary, he is going to turn the country’s largest healthcare program that mainly benefits the poor into a block grant that will give a tax break to the people who buy their insurance.

Viewing Trump’s healthcare plan from multiple perspectives without considering political influences, the following can be put into consideration. According to Len M. Nichols, Ph.D., professor, and director of the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics, College of Health and Human Services at George Mason University; the complete repeal of Obamacare will leave over twenty million Americans without medical coverage. The modification of the existing law that inhibits the selling of health insurance across the state lines will imply that as long as the plan purchased conforms to the state requirements then any vendor will be able to offer insurance in any state. In so doing, there will be full competition in the market and insurance costs will go down while consumers’ satisfaction goes up. However much this may sound great across the state line, no serious economist could ever support the ideology unless there are exceptions to the federal minimum standards similar to these in the ACA for guaranteed issue and modified community ratings. The complete repeal of Obamacare already revokes the ACA hence the only remaining option is the historical version of the proposal. Even though it may sound great with its appeal of the ideological wing of the Republican Party, its design is not suitable for the improvement of the consumer options in the market of insurance. Instead, it gives the insurers the freedom of selected preferred set of regulations. The reality is that in a world without guaranteed issue and modified community ratings in all states, there will be no rules for selling or the amount that can be charged on those with health conditions.

Mr. Trump’s Health plan allows individual to fully deduct from their tax returns on health insurance premium payments under the current system of taxation. If Businesses are also allowed to do the same, then the Congress would also enable individuals to have the same immunities. By enabling the free market the opportunity to provide insurance coverage to people and companies needs to be ensured that everyone one is taken care of even if they cannot afford insurance. A review of Medicaid must be performed to provide basic options addition to working with the state to ensuring that anyone in need of healthcare cover can have it. The establishment of tax fairness ensures that it would help encourage more people who do not belong to group coverage to buy their health cover.

By Trump’s healthcare plan, individuals will be allowed to use Health Saving Accounts, and the contribution to the Health Savings Accounts will also be authorized to accumulate. The accounts then will become part of the individual’s real estate and the ownership could be passed on to heirs without any fear of death penalty. In particular, the plans should target younger portion of the generation who are in good health state and can afford high-deductible insurance plans. The flexibility and security provided by Health Saving Account will be beneficial to all participants, and the family members can use them without penalty. It is a liberalization of the current rules on Health Saving Account which are presently restrictive, but it is seen as a way to make the high-deductible plans more pleasant to the people who are in preference of many general ideas. The deductibles are hyped mainly because the consumers are forced to bear the costs while enabling the healthy individuals within the high-income bracket to avoid payments for care based on out of pocket which does not help in reducing healthcare costs.

The plan also requires transparency in pricing by all the providers in healthcare. It is also specific to doctors and organizations providing health services like hospitals and clinics. The other suggestion in the healthcare plan is that individuals should be in a position to shop and identify the best prices for procedures, exams or any other process which is medically related. Nichols cautions that transparency may be good, but one must always be careful what they may wish for. According to the 9000 CPT codes, medical pricings are very complicated, and the rates fluctuate on player basis accompanied by various challenges facing the consumers. One of the challenges is that the customers will be charged differently by same doctors or hospitals depending on their insurer. Secondly, the consumers will have to be first admitted before the services can be offered to them and hence in the absence of insurer-specific transparent tools, this plant will not be of much help to the consumers.

The requirements of the current Medicaid structure is always surpassed by the benefits offered by most of the states since the local governments understand the needs of their people better federal government. The local government can better manage and has proven to be able to administer the administration of Medicaid. The states will need to have the inducements to seek out and eradicate scam, waste, and abuse to preserve the current valuable resources. It called the block-grant approach. Nichols explains that in the above details both God and Devil dwells and if the block-grant is reasonable while considering that the risks are adjusted per capita caps then it could be wise and human.


Donald Trump’s healthcare plan may be suitable to the rich and wealthy, but when the poor American citizens are considered, then they are likely to the surfer. The changes in pricing which they will incur. As a result, different insurer pricing will have a greater effect on their financial well-being. The healthcare system put in place by the Obama administration has proven that the American Healthcare system is very complication and a complete repeal of the Obamacare will have an adverse effect and financial distress on local citizens.

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