Donald Trump’s Campaign Speech Evaluation

Donald Trump announced his interest to run for the presidency of the United States of America on 16 June 2015. Formally, he professed political ambition in the highest political office with a promotional statement and a rally at the Trump Tower in New York City. Trump went on to dominate most of the state primaries, delegates, and caucuses held at the Republican National Convention. As a result, he was nominated for the Republican passport. His campaign was financed by contributions from individuals and the Trump Foundation, as well as grants to each candidate. Any of his comments were controversial, such as his proposal to detain all undocumented aliens. He also suggested the construction of the United States-Me He also proposed erection of the United States-Mexico border wall at Mexican expense. Other controversial ideas included branding all Mexican immigrants as drug dealers, criminals, and rapists. In addition, he suggested a temporary prohibition on foreign Muslims entering America (Hall et al. 2016).
Throughout his campaign, his rallies attracted big crowds as well as public controversy. Violence between protesters and Trump supporters marked some of his rallies. For instance, a large group of protesters shut down his rally in Chicago because he was accused of inciting violence. Trump was seen to mistreat some journalists on his rallies. Since his rallies were marked with controversies and violence and increased opposition, some Republicans deemed him irrevocably damaging to the party. As a result, they formed the Stop Trump Movement. However, on a lighter note, Trump supported some trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It earned him support from male supporters, people without degrees and white, blue-collar jobs fraternity. As his campaigns progressed, he chose Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana as Vice President and running mate. Trump and Pence won the American elections as President and vice president on 8th November 2016 (Hall et al 2016).
Some of his arguments include the erection of a strong wall on the Mexican-American border at the Mexican expense. He called it a “great wall” which he continuously stressed throughout his campaign. He further suggested a broader clampdown of illegal immigrants. In his statement that he issued on 6th of July, Trump claimed Mexico was pushing their unwanted people into America. These unwanted people include drug dealers, criminals, and rapists among others. Trump went on to say ‘Day one of my presidency, they are getting out and getting out fast’. Such an argument is not valid because first of all, how was he going to force Mexico to pay for the great wall? Since he is the one who wanted it, he would have to fund it. The “great wall” as he called it has never been constructed up until today. Also to claim that Mexico pushes only criminals into America was so harsh and baseless. Did he want to say that all criminals in America are Mexicans? I don’t think so. Such ugly comments discredited him as well as his Republican party.
Another argument that he made in his campaign was the ban on Muslims following the Paris attacks. In his statement, he called for a complete and total crackdown on Muslims coming to the United States until America’s representatives’ figure out a solution. The following day the Pentagon released a concerning statement in response to Trump’s ban on Muslims. The Pentagon noted that Trump’s statements could strengthen the resolve of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant).He said he would support a Muslim tracking database in the United States as well as expanded surveillance of mosques. Other people like Prime Minister of France (Manuel Valls) and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (David Cameron) all issued statements condemning Trump’s remarks. Even his party leading members like Reince Priebus who is the chairman Republican National Committee criticized his divisive remarks. Trump’s ban on Muslims was not valid because other leading stakeholders criticized it like British parliament that began a petition to stop Trump from entering their country. He later ‘cooled down’ and said that his proposed Muslim ban was ‘just a suggestion’. Trump further said he would not be bothered if Scotland Muslims entered America.
Trump’s team did not present their campaign speech well. His speeches were characterized by hate speeches, ethnic divisive messages as well as religiously biased proposals. In addition, his team was seen to incite violence between protesters and his supporters like the rally in Chicago (Johnston 2003) Also, Trump and his team were seen to mistreat journalists. All that negative energy discredited Trump’s team while the opposition gained more ground. It is the same negativity from team Trump that compelled some Republican leaders to form the Stop Trump Movement.
I did not understand Trump’s arguments in his campaign speech. Here is a candidate appealing to all Americans to vote for him as president. He then goes ahead to spread divisive and racial segregation messages. As if that’s not enough, he incited violence and mistreated journalists at his rallies. Who then was to vote for him? In the ‘normal’ campaigns, a candidate is supposed to draw as many people to him as possible since he needs their votes. On the other hand, Trump pushed away Muslims, Immigrants in America that included Latino Americans and Hispanics. Trump’s campaign speech was marked by hate speeches which are not good for one’s campaigns which I learned. Also, I learned that for a candidate to be popular, they don’t have to be harsh and arrogant to a certain group of people. I was affected by the insensitivity of Trump’s arguments, especially on Immigrants and Muslims.
Had I been Trump’s campaign manager or in charge of his public relations, I would have advised him on the tone of his words. His statements on Muslims and Illegal Immigrants in America were too harsh and ugly. Instead of saying that all Mexicans were criminals, I would propose ideas on how to curb down on criminals in America generally but not attacking one specific group. I would add a point of stiffening border security to minimize illegal immigrants. Also if I were to talk about Muslims, it would mainly be terrorists and not just any Muslim because most of them are innocent. Some of the fallacies were saying that all Mexicans in America are criminals. Also during one of his rallies, Trump incited violence by telling his supporters to knock the crap out of any protester should they misbehave. He said he would pay the legal fees. When one of his supporters was arrested after having punched a protester, Trump declined to pay his legal fees and said he would look into it.

Hall, K., Goldstein, D. M., & Ingram, M. B. (2016). The hands of Donald Trump: Entertainment, gesture, spectacle. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 6(2), 71-100.
Johnston, D. C. (2003). Perfectly Legal (p. 308). New York, NY: Penguin Group

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