Don Worster’s monographic work The Dust Bowl

Any of Don Worster’s monographic works discuss social challenges in society. The “Dust Bowl” is a record of the history of the climate in American society. There have been too many manufactured injustices in the environmental facets of civilization, according to the Dust Bowl article. The title is a connotation of the destructive moments experienced in the wake of human activity in the plains that took place primarily in the Great Plain of America, Worster says. These occurrences happened halfway through the year 1930. Among the major manmade disasters, it marked the era of the most devastating experience in the culture of America. Prominently, it resulted in the long-term impacts on the environment that has currently born global concerns. In these perspectives, the events resulted in numerous impacts in the Southern Plains. In the aftermath of the fifty years, the regions experienced long-term droughts and destruction of vegetation cover; an illustration of the onset of desertification in the land (Worster 17). Most of the plant covers in the environment of the Southern plain were deficient in soil moisture and the plants dried up over time leaving bare lands behind.

The menace of desertification is currently the center of agricultural production in the world. Scientists relate the situations in the southern plains to the history of dust bowl. As a result, desertification presents the most potentially threatening aspect of the human behavior in the organization of societies in the regions.

In addition, the activities resulted in a series of dark windstorms in the southern plain. The storms did not only scare the populace, but also swallowed a number of livelihoods in the regions. This raised various concerns in the communities. People lived skeptically while others lost their family members such as young children who disappeared at the wake of the storms. As such, the socio-economic activities were gravely affected leading to a downfall in the economic pursuits.

Largely, the disaster resulted in emotional shakeup within the communities. People lost their livestock such as cattle and other herds. Consequently, there were serious impacts on the health of both the animals and the people. Some people developed ill health as a result of air quality and environmental sanitation while others reported serious complication on their health. Such issues raised the minimal cost of primary healthcare both in the public sector as well as in the government segments (Worster 23). The consequence was an increase in economic spending rather than income in most parts of the country. Danger awaited each and everyone in most of the societies in the southern plain. Most of the people waited with a lot of oblivion, what level of danger would transpire in their midst during that. Therefore, the event created a new face in the social organizations of the southern region of the country.

Concisely, this story presents one of the most educative literature contents in the society that can help to solve environmental issues in the society. Besides the problems associated with the events, Worster’s concern also lies on the encroaching effect of desertification of the world today. It has really affected the level of agricultural productions. Nonetheless, numerous concerns on the issues of climate change also exist.

Work cited

Worster, Donald. Dust bowl: the southern plains in the 1930s. Oxford University Press, 2004.

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