Divorce is a legal term that refers to the breakup of a marriage

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The family is the smallest social unit created by marriage in many societies. Divorce rate of marriage may occur for a variety of reasons. When a marriage is in its early stages in forager cultures, it is dissolved by an annulment. Flaws most commonly cause this type of dissolution at the start of a marriage. Divorce occurs when a marriage has lasted for a long time and involves legal procedures. Forager communities are generally referred to as nomads, and they secure their divorce if either or both partners leave their country to live temporarily in another state to gain a divorce (Wilcox, 2009). Since the forager societies are agricultural states, the nature of divorce is known as Vinculo Matrimonii which breaks the marriage bond. This form of dissolution is known as the total absolute divorce of husband and wife. In this type of separation, both individuals are ultimately released from their matrimonial obligations. The chiefdoms are an intermediate form of communities between big scale state societies and tribe. The kind of divorce of chiefdoms is divisible separation, and after the dissolution of the union, there is the provision of alimony (Wilcox, 2009).

Divorce cannot be termed as cultural facet since it is an acquired behavior over an extended period to ensure individuals involved lives a comfortable life after the separation. Because the rate of dissolving marriage has increased over the past few years, it cannot be termed as a cultural facet. This increase in divorce is attributed to the growth in the number of educated women who have higher income, and they feel the urge of becoming independent since each person has different interest with his/her income.


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