Diversity and its issues

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The dream of reducing the group dependence ratio is that of every democratic country. This shows that Canada has made moves to boost people’s livelihoods predominantly through the promotion of self-employment initiatives and social finances. In addition, potential investors were encouraged to set up companies in order to boost public income and also provide opportunities for others to get work. Any of these investments include the promotion of casinos (Cameron & Rondo 2014). A casino has shown a variety of repercussions on a Canadian native’s reserves. Gaming drives the economic status of the aboriginal communities’ It has to an extent increased the financial securities of the aboriginals who invest in casinos. To those who have been actively increased their investments in casinos have in turn provided a success story of their financial standpoints. This has adequately promoted the revenues of most regions thereby increasing the economic growth rate of the regions in question. Gamin in casinos among the aboriginals has generally provided an opportunity for other entrepreneurship pools. This has positively impacted the reserves.

However, Casinos have not generally led to a positive phase of surging the reserves (Cameron & Rondo 2014). There have several legislative policies which have governed the gaming sector. This has negatively impacted reserves of the aboriginals who view the casinos as sources of income. Some government restrictions have discouraged the establishment of gaming centers among the aboriginals especially when the person of interest does not meet the set standards. Such limitations have resulted in serious consequences on the reserves of the concerned party(Cameron & Rondo 2014). As a result of these negative impacts, some provinces inhabited by aboriginals do not have casinos owing to the strict regulations put in place.


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