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To a certain degree, Graham’s decision to publish misleading information about the company is not immoral. He would have done that to attain happiness by luring someone to join him on the rafting trip, and the desire that people share is to be satisfied, according to Mill’s Utilitarianism. Often, the consequences of the act depend on ethical behavior. In this case, the firm has no liability. It can only listen to the concern of the customer but not refund the money to her. In addition, if the client was not happy, she had the ability to share her thoughts and experience because she had the right to be treated well on the basis of categorical imperative. Asking employees to post positive remarks about the company is unethical. Everyone should be allowed to express what he or she feels irrespective of nature of the comment. The assessment does not change because using email might prevent an employee from achieving the intended goal by posting the negative feedback; the content of the email is private, and the message might not reach the intended audience. Having adverse comments on the company website might tarnish the name of the organization, but it is unethical to bring down such criticism. Deleting the comment will be denying the client the right to free speech. On the basis of the categorical imperative, everyone’s statement must be respected. In the same manner, utilitarianism suggests that someone should be allowed share his or her views to achieve pleasure.

Spreading information about the quality of food in the company is legal. As long as I do not talk lies about the company, I have the right to freely share my speech because I will have attained the pleasure of somehow spoiling the business name. There is no any ethical distinction with the situation involving a customer posting poor reviews about the company. Using the company owner’s name to create a wrong impression about the business is ethical because my main aim of doing that will be to achieve happiness, and based on Mill’s utilitarianism the act is appropriate. However, it is unlawful to publicize someone else’s information without his or her consent, and the business owner is allowed to sue me.

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