Discussion of Character

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In two dimensions, the acts represented by Millie can be interpreted. One of the viewpoints is that the supervisor is seen as banning personal problems from being used as leverages to skip work. The other way is the disrespect of the authority of the manager, in which the workers refuse to understand the correct communication channel. Taking into account the conduct displayed by Millie towards her employer in which she does not tell the employer about her reasons for being absent on Friday, a sign of poor working relationships is shown. For instance, Millie considers her boss to be indifferent to the needs of the employees and therefore, informing the boss of her potential absence would bring about unwarranted repercussions. Moreover, judging from the manner in which Millie is free to communicate her personal situation to her fellow workers, it can be noted that her boss has poor leadership skills. As a matter of fact, she is compelled to avoid informing her boss of her absence because she thinks that the boss will insist on her coming to the job instead of engaging in personal matters like taking the daughter to the specialist.

On the other hand, it can be observed that Millie disregarded the authority at her workplace. It is expected that every employee informs the leader of any issues that might affect the delivery of their services. As such, Millie was expected to inform the boss of her possibility to miss her job on the given day. The possibility for her undermining the authority of her boss indicates that the boss fails to inspire respect amongst the employees which are contributing to the failure of the employees perceiving the boss as an adequate authority.

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