Discrimination Discussion

Several scholars have looked at some of the sociological and psychological problems that are currently impacting society and have made several recommendations. Discrimination is one of the problems described as posing a threat to civilization and healthy social contact in society. Discrimination, particularly among minority groups in the United States, is one of the social vices that has grown in America over time. Despite a slew of studies on discrimination against minorities in America, little is known about the success or extent to which discrimination has been addressed. In this regard, the essay focuses on highlighting the background of discrimination among the African Americans in the United States and the milestones that the society has moved towards eradicating it. The paper will also integrate personal experience on how the issue has been witnessed in the societal normal activities.

Discrimination based on race is not a new thing in the history of America. The United States has witnessed issues of racial segregation since the colonial regime. in the past, the socially or the legally sanctioned rights and privileges were all given to the white Americans but denied to the Latino Americans, the Hispanics, the Asian Americans, the African Americans and the native Americans. The colonial powers obtained full privileges in matters pertaining to criminal procedures, land acquisition, citizenship, voting rights, immigration and not limited to exclusive rights to education. On the other hand, all the subjects who were under the rule of colonial powers were given little to no privileges in issues relating to civilization and many more.

The major ethnically and racially structured institutions included segregation, slavery, the native American reservations, the American Indian wars, the immigration and naturalization law, the native American boarding schools, and the internment camps. In the history of America, racial discrimination was formal and it could be exercised legally in public institutions. Of course, this gave the people within the super power an opportunity to discriminate against others who did not belong to their race. The institutions of justice did not see any offense in this until in the mid-20th century, when formal discrimination based on race was banned largely. It was until recently when various institutions of justice and human rights recognized that racial discrimination was morally repugnant and socially unacceptable. Even so, despite all those attempts, racial politics remain to be a wide phenomenon and racial segregation or discrimination continues to be manifested in the socioeconomic inequality. Besides, despite the efforts and campaigns against racial discrimination, the united states still witness issues to do with racial stratification in the government, lending, education, housing, and employment as well. Several evidences still point out that the fight against racism in America has not achieved its success.

The roots of racial discrimination and segregation still live in most Americans. The evidence has been witnessed both from the political field and from the other social institutions. The bridge between the whites and the blacks has been largely witnessed in the political environment where a good percentage of the whites support one of their own regardless of the difference in their political ideologies. However, it is hard to recall when series of tales have given this issue such a resonance, be it in the Supreme Court ruling on the voting rights and affirmative action, the racially insensitive sentiments of a celebrity chef, and even the tense trial in Florida.

The situation in the united states still speak volumes about how far the society have gone to reduce racism in the united states. The news regarding demonstrations to protect the rights of the African Americans are still making headlines in various states in America. The recent peaceful demonstration and campaigns regarding “black lives matter” is evidence enough to show that the people of color are still discriminated in the American society. The black origins in the U.S have pulled together to stand up for their rights to humanity and privilege of federal protection against police brutality. As one of the nationals in America with African American origin, I have personally felt the wrath of police brutality and the weight of institutional discrimination. Since discrimination starts from the top leaders in the government, I believe that the fight against racial segregation is still far from being achieved. In normal circumstances, the leaders are supposed to unite the people together with a message of peace. However, if the leaders are the first people to spew sentiments of violence, then it is clear that their followers will listen to whatever the advice they give. Thus, creating more fear than unity. From a personal experience, I have been recently involved in a peaceful demonstration against police brutality against the lives of the blacks. It is inhuman to punish an individual because of a crime that he or she has not committed, and that is what many police officers in the United States do to the African Americans.

As teenagers and youths from the African origin, it is justifiable to claim that we have been largely at risk of police brutality and institutional discrimination. If it is not being caught along the streets at night and the police planting case against you, it is about the police beating you for a mistake you have not made. With all the factors kept constant, American states such as Chicago are still the epitopes of racial segregation. Of course it is true that Chicago has had history of drug trafficking and instances of violence. However, it is always wrong to associate the issues of drug and violence with the African American youths alone, since both the whites and the blacks inhabit the city. Violence is a choice that one makes to be involved in. Therefore, it becomes an issue of racial discrimination when the blacks in America, commonly referred to as the “Negros” are the ones to be stereotyped with that particular behavior. In other words, it is all about an individual’s personality regardless of their color or the social class that they belong.

Other than the racial identity that the blacks have assumed, which identifies them with the bad things or the unruly behaviors in the society, I have also witnessed an array of institutional discrimination at school. In as much as things are changing slightly as compared to the old regime, I have always felt that racial discrimination is something that will hardly end in the United States. It is true that nobody was born to hate each other and that people learn to hate each other when they grow up. I believe the environment that instructors create at school contribute a lot towards racial discrimination. The worst moments I have had in High school was to have a teacher who was a racist. The worst feeling is to be a victim of racial discrimination at an age when one cannot express his or her feelings and be heard. Again, it is demeaning and hurting to realize that someone who should take care of you when you are out of your parents’ sight is the one who hates you the most. Conventionally, the majority of students would love to follow the footsteps of their favorite teachers in school. Therefore, the big rhetorical question is whether the students can be the people to end racial discrimination if their teachers in themselves discriminate against others who do not belong to their race.

In sum, racial discrimination is not a new thing in the society today and a lot have been said about it. Discrimination based on a person’s race or color does not only make the victims feel disrespected within a society but also discourage people from working hard in unity. A society can never be at peace and in harmony when it is evident that some people hate each other. Hence, the fight against racial discrimination is not merely meant to change how things were done during the colonial period but to make everything be how they are supposed to be in a normal or a peaceful society.

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