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The author reflects on a large portion of the paper dealing with computer networking and its shortcomings. While the correlation is made clear in the fifth paragraph, I found that the paper did not reflect on the subject (Digital Literacy) in the context of the issue. The writer was supposed to select a selection of moments he vividly described on the paper and expand on them.
Although the writer says he doesn’t remember any ‘digital literacy’ moment in his life in the third line, he goes on to send snippets of how important it is to share on YouTube, or how he loves the first email he sent to his partner. It is commendable how the writer has organized his work chronologically from childhood to now he is a married man, and queries what the digital future holds for his children.

Throughout the text, I was not able to capture the use of dialogue in the paper. It would have been better if we captured those childhood moments and expressions that saw the birth and growth of the internet.

Essay 1 Analysis bit

A. To be honest, acquiring the ‘growing assortment of cognitive skills’ was not at all the focus of my narrative.

B. Perhaps the consequence of these is disconnection from the world around us

C. Moderation is perhaps the skill we all need to master

2. A. The writer is right in his analysis; the paper did not give much focus to digital literacy

B. Truly failing to understand the impact of the internet in our lives leaves us isolated from our world and fail to see things as they really are. This is how the writer’s focus on his life’s digital experiences made him loose focus on the topic in question

C. Moderation is necessary if we are to get most of the digital advancements by filtering what is necessary from what is not.

3. The user has had quite an amazing childhood in the digital world. This is portrayed by snapshots of experiences and moments in his life and a focus on these points would have been amazing.

Essay 2

The paper was dominantly focused on digital literacy, and how the writer journeyed with digital inventions from an entertainment asset to a necessary learning tool. There is quite a clear connection between digital literacy and the writer’s content.

I find the writer’s skill on content delivery quite impressive. How he relates moments in his life to digital literacy is commendable. The paper was however supposed to pick a specific moment in life and build upon it. The writer however points quite a number of instances he interacts with digital platforms for literacy purpose but fails to focus on a specific one.

The writer is quite good on how the work is organized from childhood to the current era. Despite the organization, I felt that the introduction could have been done better. This could have done by probably avoiding a negative sentence in the introductory paragraph.

The use of dialogue to portray the theme on culture shock on those that saw the development of the digital technology from its birth to its current state. Dialogue brings out the themes quite clearly and the writer could improve his paper by increasing the use of dialogue on his paper.

Essay 3

The paper focused on the writer’s effort to get his voice out to the world. His struggle to capture audience portrays him not only as a consumer of digital literacy, but also a provider of the same. The delivery of content is a good one, though he does not place much emphasis on his experience in the acquisition of digital literacy, but rather focuses on his struggle to get his content to the world.

Did you share your experience acquiring that particular digital literacy? I found your writing place much focus on getting your blogs and posts for others, but what was your experience in your experience in digital literacy acquisition?

The work is well organized as the reader is able to follow and note ideas in the paper.

The user frequently used dialogue in his paper to bring forth his ideas and I did find that quite impressive.

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