Differentiation of Marketing Analysis and Brand

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The working of markets The Department’s goals and outcomes, both centrally and within the external world,
Marketing is a complex task that takes exceptional expertise and skills for every business to succeed (Perreault, Cannon, and McCarthy, 2013). In the selling process, every corporation must have the capacity to carefully manage both its internal and external consumers. If not, it will face imminent defeat. In any case, the methods used for interacting with these consumers are distinct. For example, as part of internal marketing, the company has to employ effective measures to ensure proper motivation of its employees and do its best to support those involved in service delivery for the company to ensure that other customers, particularly the external ones, are satisfied. In this regard, the marketing department plays a crucial role in the company. For instance, within the internal environment, the marketing department oversees aspects such as recruitment, briefings, all announcements, and even human resources intranets. It is needful to have the right people in the right positions, hired and trained to bring the company to a position of making its final clients happy.

Following the same line, the marketing department also has a critical role of linking internal matters with the external customers and generally ensures that there is a good client relationship. By working closely with its internal customers, a company places itself in a position to ensure that the final products of services produced are o the best quality and up to standard. In the long run, such an arrangement will ensure more profits through increased sales and bring about the achievement of the laid objectives. By considering every employee at whatever level as part of its internal customers and taking great care to please them and ensure they are happy or rater satisfied, there will be a whole chain of satisfied employees which ogres well for the whole company. Therefore, in a general sense, it is fair to say that the marketing department is directly involved and plays a major role in ensuring the achievement of the mission, vision, and objectives of a company (Hollensen, 2015).

Creation of Customer-centered Businesses by Companies and Aspects Impacting Consumers’ Decisions

Any company that wants to make strides in its business development has to take seriously the aspect of creating a customer-centered business model rather than just selling its products and have little regard for customers (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker and Brennan, 2015). The company needs to be staunch on any of its employees that contravene this code and disrespect customers. There must be a genuine happiness of the part of the employees to serve the customers. Unfortunately, creating such a model is a tricky process that requires certain specific steps as follows.

First, there is a need to have a deep understanding of the term customer-centered business by all stakeholders in the company, especially the employees. Here, all measures are put in place with the center piece being the client. Intensive research is done to better understand the needs of the customer, their buying patterns, unique behaviors as well as what they are most interested in. A company may go as far as creating tailored products for its best customers. The focus should be on establishment of a long lasting relationship with the customer rather than making money off of them. When this happens, a company will enjoy the advantage of having customer loyalty and making huge profits as a result.

In better planning for a customer-centered business model, it is important to know what influences consumers’ decisions. In this category, there are such aspects as social class and culture assimilation. Also, there are factors that fall into wide categories such as psychological ones which include learning, attitudes and even beliefs. Personal factors may also influence the consumers, for example, lifestyle, occupation, or age. The kind of family and role they play in their groups serves also to influence their decisions. It is upon the marketers to better understand their customers for better consideration in their planning.

Tools for Making Effective Marketing Decisions

Making wrong decisions in marketing can result in the bankruptcy of an entire company. For this reason, there are tools to help any company make better marketing decisions. To mention some of them, there is a tool such as search engine optimization. It is an important tool for online use. A company is able to rate itself against it competitors and rank its popularity by looking at the number of clicks each company’s website has received and other detailed information.

Also, there is another tool in the form of surveys. Customers are contacted by the company and requested to express their views regarding certain aspects. The survey can be in person or conducted over the phone. Through this strategy, a company may be able to receive feedback that will inform its future marketing decisions. Almost closely related are email campaigns as a tool and quarterly revenue tool. All these are just some of the tools that a company may use to make better and effective decisions in marketing (Huong and Sargent, 2016).


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