Different Styles of Parenting

Parenting is the manner of promoting and sustaining the development of a child from childhood into adulthood. There are 4 major recognized parenting styles in psychology nowadays namely; permissive, authoritarian, neglectful, and authoritative. Each of the styles has different traits and brings out distinct responses in the kids used on. The paper intends to discuss some parenting challenges.
Failed marriages in the 21st are on the rise, and these have made the parenting a long way more challenging than in previous years. On the divorced parents, there is great instability in the family as compared to the stability that is current to the parents that are happily married. There are far more step parents than there used to be. As such, parenting becomes a daunting task, as the role cannot be fulfilled satisfactorily.

As years have passed, the art of whipping child has gone from a parenting technique to been child abuse (Horvath et al.2015). The government has labeled the act as violence against the children. A good smacking in the early days would contribute in shaping the ways of a child. Children should be protected from abuse, but the current laws fail to draw the distinction between motivated physical contact and been vicious to your child.

A good number of the population is engaging in immoral behavior that ultimately leads to having a child without properly planning for the youngster (Yu et al., 2015). The parent has no idea of how to bring up the child in their young ages. Soon, such guardians give up on raising the child and leave that duty to the child itself. The kid has no idea on what is right and wrong and as such would do anything for survival.


In conclusion, parenting is an enormous task, and proper preparation is necessary before a person ventures into it. People should consult the health personnel with skills on parenting for them to be prepared to bring up children of their own.


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