Demographic change in the United States

Due to the nation’s population growing by an average of 8.8% between 2000 and 2009, including a 10.5% increase in metropolitan regions, there has been a drastic change in the country’s demographics (Berube 24). Racial and ethnic minorities have contributed a remarkable 83% of the population growth over the past ten years, making up the majority of the population growth. As a result of these changes, Blacks today make up around 12% of the country’s population, while Hispanics make up roughly 15%. The diversity is especially apparent in metropolitan areas, where Blacks and Hispanics make up 14% and 19% of the population, respectively. Accordingly, half of the population in metropolitan areas is non-white or Hispanic minorities while the seniors make just about 25%. By 2000, the U.S adults holding a 4-year degree stood at 24% rising to 28% with a corresponding 31% increase in metropolitan areas in the year 2008. Among them, 14% were Hispanics, 20% Blacks, 36% Whites, and 50% Asians.

Anthropology is essential to the field of demography, namely in the study of human diversity in the forms of culture and biology as well as the urban foundation. Furthermore, research on these demographics and the forces behind such changes will help anthropologists understand and extrapolate the consequences of the same. Lastly, these transformations will have specific effects: the majority-minority percentage in the future might create a backlash towards immigration; age demographics will affect fiscal decisions at all levels of government; education disparities will influence the United States’ ability to compete globally; finally, the demographic changes in income will have the impact on the resilience and the growth of the middle class in the United States.

Work Cited

Berube, Alan, et al. “State of metropolitan America: On the front lines of demographic transformation.” (2010).

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