Democratic Party recommendations report

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Following the party losing the elections to the Republicans, different people came up with several theories on how this could have happened. Some of these assumptions were true while most of them were just suppositions. The team carried out an in-depth review of the situation with the aim of finding out some of the reasons that would have contributed to the loss. it also formulated some recommendations that would help come up with a long-lasting solution to the party regarding winning back the followers that the party lost, ensuring that the party members remain loyal to the side and also attract new members to the party. Some of these recommendations include; fight to provide universal health for all Americans, push for strict laws on the immigrants, the party should have unified views on national issues especially the issue of gun ownership, and also have a firm stand on their opinion concerning social issues.

One of the main problems that the citizens of the United States face, is the problem of healthcare, this is regarding accessibility, the cost and the quality of health that the people receive. During the 2016 election, Hillary was for keeping the affordable care act while her greatest contender was for scrapping it off. This was a move in favor of the party since only about 1% of the Americans were against keeping the affordable care act and this showed that many Americans were aware of what the law had accomplished and that they would like the healthcare services extended and be made available for all (R, 2016). The party could come up with a lasting solution on the healthcare system by; coming up with approaches that will enhance the affordability of the health services, promote and improve the affordable care act so that its benefits can be preserved. It could also educate the masses on how they can access the affordability care act and its cost, and come up with reforms that can help improve the efficiency of the health services provided.

The Democrats are considered to be lenient on the immigrants, and this is because of them repealing the laws that have been set to keep the borders and the economy safe to the citizens. Most of the Americans were in favor of reducing the number of immigrants who entered the country, and this was also supported by the Republicans, the party, however, saw no point in decreasing the number of immigrants in the country. The reason for blocking the immigrants into the country is because these people pose a stiff competition in the job market making the Americans worry about their job security (Mayda, 2016). The party should, therefore, push for stricter laws on the illegal immigrants; control the number of immigrants who enter the country legally so that the current citizens can secure job opportunities. The party can also push for laws that will ensure that the legal immigrants do not abuse the government aid, but instead, they contribute to the economy.

In the last presidential election, the party’s frontrunners varied on their view concerning gun control with Hillary supporting total gun control while Sanders was against the conducting of background checks on private gun purchases. The issue of gun violence is a delicate issue in America considering the high number of mass shootings that occur in the country. The people have different views on matters concerning the ownership of guns where some are for the purchase while others are against the ownership. Most of the citizens, however, advocate for a centralized database in all states and the states would have same laws on gun ownership. The party should, therefore, have a unified view on this issue to avoid divisions among its members. The party ought to focus on the gang problem bothering the country by pushing for national laws on gun ownership rather than individual states.

Others issue that the party ought to look into are the social issues and particularly the issue of abortion. The party ought to embrace the issue of abortion and solve without favor or ban since it is a lifestyle choice, the party should also encourage choosing life and even come up with services that will support families, women, and children. The party can also engage itself in promoting the reproductive education to the masses.


Some of the views of the party’s front-runners in the last general election could have been one of the reasons why the party lost in the polls. This could be due to the different opinions that they presented to the voters hence the side was viewed as a divided party. This could, however, be changed by the side adopting the recommendations suggested above, this way the party will be in a position to attract new members and also attract other members the party lost during the elections.


Biases are the systematic deviations from the norm whereby a person concludes a person or a situation using an illogical fashion. Some of the biases that the team experienced were; anchoring, representativeness and confirmation biases.

Anchoring bias; this is when people hold on to the information that they received first, and the rest of the information that they obtain is centered on the initial data.

Representativeness; this is when the team could overcompensate some facts leading to the team taking mental shortcuts to a destination that the team thinks is right just to find out at the end that it was wrong.

Confirmation bias; this is whereby the team could focus on information and data that confirmed with the beliefs that we previously held about the democratic party instead of the data that could contradict these beliefs


Mayda, A. P. (2016). Immigration to the US: A problem to the democrats or the republicans. National Bureau of Economic Research.

R, G. (2016). Editors on the campaign trail: Why Bernie Sanders is wrong on health care, and Hillary Clinton is Right. American journal of public health, 1361. 17/02/16/opinion/the-democrats-immigration-problem.html

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