Decline of Racism in the USA

Racism is a major issue in the United States of America today, and it has been since the colonial era, when only white Americans were granted socially sanctioned privileges and rights. Other people of different races were granted exclusive privileges in areas such as criminal procedure, voting rights, and education, among other things.
Despite a significant increase in a variety of white supremacist activities, as well as increased visibility in regard to police violence against people of color, non-whites are becoming increasingly accepted in large parts of the United States. However, despite the significant rise in a variety of white supremacist activities as well as increased visibility in regard to the police violence against the color of a person, people who are non-whites are seen to be more and more accepted in large part of the American country as the fabric of the country’s culture and the economy. According to the survey that has been carried and continues to be carried out, racism in the American soil is significantly declining.

Racism in the United States of America.

There has been a long study in regard to the issue of race relation in America by the research psychologists whereby they aim at trying to curb racism activities by identifying its contributing factors and the possible solutions. According to Grosfoguel, he defines racism, as a “prejudice as well as discrimination against some other people due to their ethnicity” (p. 9). In the USA, racism has always been a belief that a particular person group is it of national, religious or even the ethnicity identity tends to be superior to some other people in the humanity. Racism has been primarily a part of the American landscape since the colonization of the Europeans in the North America in the 17th century. A number of groups have gone ahead to bore the already brunt of it that is manifested in the discriminatory laws, different social practices and also the criminal behaviors that tend to be directed towards a particular target group. However, in the present days, racism is seen to diminish as younger generation are growing up in a far more multicultural environment.

There is clearly superficial evidence that racism is declining in many countries whereby in our case here it is the United States of America. For instance, there are a number of numerous questionnaire studies which have come to a conclusion that there is a substantial reduction when it comes to the racist attitudes (Fiske, p. 110). However, the decline may be more apparent than real which has prompted various discussion. For example, in the year 2002, Fiske put an argument that only an estimated of 10% of people living in the western societies tends to have overt as well obvious racial biases. Moreover, about 80% of people tends to poses a variety of subtle racial biases which has resulted to “awkward social interactions, embarrassing slips of the tongue, unchecked assumptions and spontaneous neglect” (p. 124). Racism is declining as a result of different activities being taken by the leaders towards fighting racism.

Aversive racism is declining in the United States of America in comparison to the 20th century whereby a significant number of people could clearly exhibit this kind of racism. According to Dovidio (2016), he defined aversive racism as “the attitude towards members of a racial group that incorporates both egalitarian social values and negative emotions resulting a person to avoid interaction with the members of the group” (p, 405). In normal cases, people with ambivalent racism which is similar to aversive racism, they tend to be much conflicted between the belief they have inequality and sympathy when it comes to the individuals who are oppressed whereby it is believed that their beliefs are responsible for what happens to them.

Racism significantly declining in the USA as a result of many civil rights movement that is being formed which plays a critical role in fighting racism in different fields. For instance, their formation has helped remove barriers for the blacks to access higher education. In addition, through the formation of civil rights movement, it has caused remarkable gains when it comes to the black income among those privileged enough to avail themselves of the college education. According to William Julius (2012) who is a sociologist in Harvard, he refers to this as “the most significant change” (p.30). The point that can be drawn from here is that civil rights movements play a significant role when in fighting racism as people are highly sensitized on the significance of avoiding racism to the economy and social life.

The aspect of good leadership has significantly prompted the decline of racism in the USA. For instance, from the good leadership of the former President Barack Obama, he was able to reduce white racial prejudice even when it comes to the conservative (Tope, Daniel, p.60). According to George Stephanopoulos in an interview (2017), “greater awareness of anti-black racism has led to greater harmony between whites and blacks”. The aspect of leaders at the top position having the good leadership skills can play a significant role in reducing racism in the whole world.

In conclusion, racism is declining in the present days due to a number of factors. To start with, the great research being carried out to on fighting racism and sensitizing people on the importance of avoiding racism. Also, the formation of civil rights movement is playing a significant role in reducing racism whereby they are helping make sure that everybody has access to education. Good leadership is the other aspect helping ensure that racism is declining as those leaders set a good example to the people.

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