Culture is a crucial element that defines a group’s identity

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Culture is a key factor that determines the identity of a group, but very few consider its roots and the reason for following one tradition over another. With activities such as clothes, food spices, and attitudes, nonhuman pirates are like humans, but they do not know what they are doing (Vale et al. 492). However, due to a lack of normative adherence and accumulated process evidence, animals have shortcomings in understanding their traditions (Richard 581). The material subsistence allows for the reliance of the natural resources for the provision of the essential needs through hunting and gathering while the social organization enhances cohesion among the individuals and the social groups via structure, the division of labor or sexuality.
Westermarck hypothesis psychologically assumes insensate sexual attraction among the individuals raised together (Shor). A tension emerging from connecting ideas with the material forces influences the analysis and functioning of the real world. Societies’ organization to either males or females allows kinship recognition that eliminates everybody from being kin to everyone else.

Gender ideals describe the relevant, acceptable, and appropriate roles among the males and females while the sexual behaviors express human sexuality. In tribal societies, revenge acts as a harmful mode of responding to grievances that stimulate war while religious groups instill the discipline that influences their success. However, the mental illness tends to be biological.

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