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1. Is the experiment’s target suitable, appropriate and essential for our interpretation of the philosophy of personality and/or personality?
The purpose of the experiment is important and necessary to explain how personality characteristics evolve in early and middle adulthood and it seeks to offer a systematic overview of how personality evolves as one age. Personality is a product of biological chromosomes, according to McCrae and Costa (1996), and this research attempts to look at how this is portrayed when one evolves into an adult from infancy.
2. Were there important points, issues, or ideas that were left out? Are there issues that you believe deserved greater attention?
The issues that could have been included and deserved greater attention included the need to understand what necessitates the change in personality as one grows. Perhaps a careful consideration of the biological changes which stimulate and affect the personality of persons in certain age groups would have assisted. Also, the study overlooked the younger adults and children who could have made the study more informative.

3. Are the conclusions of the study appropriate? Has the author overemphasized or under-emphasized any findings?

The conclusion of the study is appropriate because it is backed by solid information from the tests done however it overemphasizes on the Big Five personality trait dimensions that it tends to overlook the effect of environmental factors on personality and the personality of children which could have an effect on adults.

4. What are the key strengths and weaknesses of this study?

The key strength of the study is that it is based on a concrete test and data analysis. This means that the findings can be relied upon. The weakness of the study is that it did not consider other factors which could have been important in achieving the objective of the study. Also, another weakness is that the data had a level of bias which had a tendency of ignoring young adults and children.

5. How does this research add to our understanding of personality or personality theory?

This research helps us to understand the effect of age and social environment on personality. It highlights how personality is molded as one is maturing from childhood and adulthood which makes one to be conscious on maturity so as to shape his/her personality.

6. What is your opinion of the value of this study? Support your position

This study has been well executed with a proper research done into the key matter, personality. Also, the methodology of collection of data and analysis has been well done and this study can be relied upon for further research and decision-making.


McCrae, R. R., & Costa, P. T., Jr. (1996). Toward a new generation of personality theories: Theoretical contexts for the five-factor model. In J. S. Wiggins (Ed.), The five-factor model of personality: Theoretical perspectives (pp. 51–87). New York: Guilford Press.

Srivastava, S., John, O.P., Gosling, S.D., & Potter, J. (2003). Development of personality in early and middle adulthood: Set like plaster or persistent change? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84(5), 1041-53.

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