Critical study of ethnography

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The urban ethnography of Latino street gangs provides a comprehensive study of Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles and other counties in California (Hallcom, 1999). In the often dysfunctional neighbourhoods of the study areas, it outlines the historical origins, organisation and associated crimes carried out by the gangs. In this respect, the analysis relies on primary data directly obtained from gang members and their immediate allies. More significantly, the research achieves its significance in today’s society by selecting the town of Los Angeles as the subject of the study.
A relevant and thorough overview of the methods used in the research is given by the ethnography. It clearly outlines the core reasons for the formation of gangs in Los Angeles and others by relying on the data collection methods of interviews and questionnaires. The methods used were first elaborated and defined and thereafter linked to their role in achieving the initial objectives (Hallcom, 1999). However, due to the limitations of the research topic, it proved difficult for the researchers to justify the criteria used to select participants. Nevertheless, despite the limitations of the methods due to the gang culture, the methods can still be regarded as the most suitable for the contextual environment of the study.

Data collected from the research was then used to critically evaluate the functioning of the gangs. From the research, a clear understanding of the clothing, the language and the common criminal behavior can be gained. This together with the fact that the researchers avoided including their personal presumptions in the analysis supports the validity of the research paper. In this way, the research paper was a well-founded paper that provides relevant information under the topic of urban gangs.


Hallcom, F. (1999). An Urban Ethnography of Latino Street. Retrieved 19 October

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