Criminology of Comparision, Globalization

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In an attempt to strengthen investment and foreign exchange, globalization is the unification and cooperation between people, governments of different nationalities and companies from different parts of the world. Supporting the process is information technology. Globalization’s rapid growth has had an effect on human beings’ physical well-being, economic development, stability and the wellbeing of communities around the world (Aas, 2013).
The increased movement of people across borders has made it easier for foreign countries to obtain temporary visas and to cross borders. Such ease of visiting another country has resulted in criminals creating international links that are bound by blood or regional ties. Police reports in Japan show that criminals from foreign nations have committed numerous hit and run crimes in Japan under the guise of visiting the country as tourists (Shahidullah, 2017). Such new developments are being viewed as the new intrigues surrounding the growing trends of globalization.

Recent crimes perpetrated by international gangs of criminals that included jewel robberies, transnational criminal organizations, organized theft of cars and the kidnapping of Japanese by a group of Nigerian nationals in South Africa indicate a shift in crime patterns because of globalization. The growing wave of globalization has heightened public insecurity because the nature of the offenders cannot just be captured by statistical figures alone (Shahidullah, 2017).

Globalization, the international markets liberalization, and the border suppression have led to an unprecedented flourishing of the drug trade in the world. The advancement in satellite communication and other technical development have gifted traffic networks with better working tools that adept at exploiting the economic system of the world. For instance, the advent of the organized crime groups such as the Philadelphia Black Mafia and the Policy Kings of Chicago managed to bring illegal narcotics into the U.S. with the aid of the sophisticated technologies and free markets brought about by globalization (Oakes, 2007).


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