Criminal Justice Processes

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The most important task or rather objective of the regulatory businesses is ensuring that there are high standards in manufacturing, trading and any other business practice thru securing compliance with an authorized set of regulations. Does the criminal justice institutions take care of various types of business offenses with the criticality they require? Hazel Croall, the writer of the article ‘Business offenders in the criminal justice processes’ only a small portion of the crimes associated to business offenses are prosecuted with a majority of the remaining portion being dealt with through fines and written verbal and fines. The author reminds the business target market the business practice crimes are subjected strategies such as the use of pleas, portraying honesty and competency in courts, and government agencies placing different emphasis on either persuasion or prosecution (Croall, 2011). These strategies are very practical in convincing the agencies involved in criminal justice to impose relatively light sanctions (Croall, 2011).

This issue affects the food and beverages company. This is due to the high rates and the ever rising number of business practice crimes in the food and beverages company ranging from failing to comply or contravening with the food hygiene requirements in addition to obstructing a person who is acting in the execution of the regulations of food hygiene. This situation echoes the issue raised by Hazel Croall regarding the existence of interrelated factors that affect the enforcement tactics of the agencies and the disposition of the cases.

Hazel Croall recommends that basic concepts of crime and law enforcements should be implemented without bias nor favor within such ideological concepts. The author credits this strategy by pointing out that it is hard to sustain allegations of agency bias and therefore this could be evaded.


Croall, H. (2011). Business offenders in the criminal justice process. Crime, Law and Social Change, 20, 4, 359-372.

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