Cover Letters

A cover letter can be formatted in a variety of ways depending on the job, but they all follow a standard business letter format with three main sections: introduction, argument, and conclusion. Because there are usually thousands of applications, it is critical to properly structure a cover letter. Because they do not have the time, potential employers rarely read the entire letter. A proper structure makes it easy for the potential employer to scan through and find significant information. Special skills and ideals that are congruent with the organization’s are some of the aspects that an employer looks for in a cover letter. One of the skills that will build into the effectiveness of my communication is the fact that I need to address my audience directly. Instead of simply writing ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’, it is important to use the correct names of the hiring authority. I believe that by using this approach I am in a better position to use the correct wording and tone in the letter. It is important to maintain the right composure even in writing.

Another skill that I learnt during this course is the necessity of proofreading the cover letter before sending. I believe that this is a skill that ensures perfection in my communication. Unlike the process of writing, proofreading is characterized by less strain. It is an activity that gives me an opportunity to polish up on my choice of words and sentence structure. This is the point where I get the opportunity to scan through the letter from the perspective of the employer. After proofreading, I am in a position to find out whether I conveyed the relevant message to the hiring authority. The resulting effect is more effective communication.

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