Corporate Setting and communication strategies

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Communication is the processor in which two or more parties exchange knowledge and signals that are intended to get them to a degree of understanding. Communication is a way to achieve mutual understanding, where participants not only exchange thoughts, emotions and facts but also seek common significance and conclusion. In general terms, contact is referred to as the manner in which persons or locations are linked. Communication is a key feature of management in a corporation or an organization (Yates, 2009). For any company to run smoothly, effective communication strategies between the departments, levels, and employees need to be put into place and adhered to at any given time.
“Communication is the processor the way through which two or more people share information and messages that are aimed at making them come to a level of understanding. Communication is a way of coming to a mutual understanding where the participants not only share ideas, feelings, and information but also pursue to come up with a shared meaning and conclusion. In general terms, communication is referred to as Communication in a corporate setting, however, is always a challenge and the management of the organization are faced with the need of putting up appropriate strategies that would ensure that information is exchanged appropriately. One of the strategies that every company should place in high priority is the inclusion for all when it comes to communication. The appreciation of the information, ideas, and views shared by the leaders as well as the subordinates makes every member of the organization free to communicate at any given time or place. Whenever a person, regardless of the position, he or she holds in a corporate setting feels that his or her views and ideas are considered as important, he or she feels comfortable to share even more in future, and this fosters better communication within the organization.

The management of an organization, the leaders and those who hold higher positions within the company are needed to adopt good listening skills when interacting with their subordinates. This move, however, is not easy to implement and is in most cases faced with a lot of resistance. The best way to incorporate listening is avoiding stereotypes and generalizations and taking the speaker as an individual who has information that he or she desires to share as a person as well as avoiding criticisms and prejudice.

On the side of the subordinates also there are situations where the individuals decline to exchange information due to fear of criticisms or the notion that their views may not be taken with seriousness. The issue creates a barrier to effective communication. Sometimes the junior employees and those who hold lower positions in a corporate setting withhold information due to the fear that in case they share their views, they may lose their jobs and the fear of having conflicts with their bosses.

For the sake of effective and efficient communication especially on matters of great concern, a company should implement the use of suggestion boxes. Some people who fear sharing information can anonymously place their ideas in the boxes and this will help them avoid withholding relevant information as well as ensure that the company benefits in the long run.

In conclusion, communication is one of the key aspects that contribute to the success of any company or organization. Inclusion for all, both the subordinates and the management, when it comes to sharing of information, should be one of the key things that the management should pursue (Thayer). Because the subordinates sometimes may feel insufficient to share their ideas and views, the introduction of a means of anonymously passing of information should be implemented so as to foster effective communication. Through good communication strategies, a company can run its processes smoothly and avoid issues and circumstances that may affect the company negatively.



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