Contrast and Comparison Essay

At some point in life, one is likely to find himself or herself in a situation where the person is forced either willfully or unwillingly to select between living in a big city or staying in the rural areas. What follows is that one of the most debated topics entail the argument of a balance between living in the city and in the countryside. It is an fascinating subject because those who decide on urban life have staunch reason why they opt for it over their counterparts choosing countryside. It is thus critical to define the benefits and drawbacks associated with both instances and use them as the basis while choosing between urban and country life.
The primary reason to advocate for urban life is that there are improved transport and communication facilities compared to the rural areas. It is likely that one would argue that the roads are also available in the countryside. However, while this could be true, the city life has an edge over the rural life as it offers better transport and communication systems that are also reliable. It is further noted that in the city, the benefits that are offered through the improved security systems means that people are more assured of their security and it is possible to trace an offender with the improved technological systems. The security is also better in the city than the facilities offered in the countryside where there are not much CCTVs cameras to ease the monitoring, surveillance process and increase the security services.

Meanwhile, the countryside also offers diverse benefits including the fact that there is a sense of a community. In the rural areas, many of the families have a way of relating to each other and people there live more harmoniously as a unit compared to the setting in the urban areas. It is thus possible to get assistance in a more reliable manner in a rural setting compared to the city where everybody is mindful of their own issues. Furthermore, smaller towns tend not to have traffic and there are ample parking facilities. It is a huge advantage for those who own personal vehicles because there is convenience in the way one moves around as there is more freedom. It is also critical to note that in the rural areas, there is less noise and reduced pollution and one can live a healthier life style. It is a huge advantage in comparison to the situation with urban dwellers because in the countryside there are not much industries and motor vehicles that cause pollution due to combustion and there is a guaranteed healthier lifestyle. It is thus more likely that the life expectancy in the rural setting is higher than those in the urban areas because of the heathier setting that is perceived in small towns. Finally, it is important to highlight that the demand for money is reduced in the countryside compared to the city. A common challenge that affects many urban dwellers is the high rates of taxes and increased expenses in many sectors.

Meanwhile, the two scenarios also present similarities that make each a substitute of the other. One of the glaring commonalities is that both cases have the poor and the rich and there is no guarantee that one’s economic situation will be defined in any way. Furthermore, in both cases, there are generous and kind people in cities and rural areas. It is a great misconception that the urban life is primarily connected with dealing with people who cannot be trusted considering the diversity that is always apparent. However, just as among countryside dwellers, there are generous people in the big cities and one can live well with others in a friendly manner. Finally, both the city and the rural settings offer harsh jobs and working in unpleasant environments. For instance, farming in the rural areas and working as a security officer in the cold in the urban centers are both adverse working conditions that can be challenging to anyone. It is thus affirmed that while the city and the countryside lifestyles could be considered as different, they tend to be similar on many factors.

In summary, it is important to highlight that the urban centers offer benefits such as the improved security, transport, and communication systems. Meanwhile, the rural areas and smaller towns are different in that the benefits in such contexts rotate around living in sense of a community, the fewer expenses, lowered pollution level, and overall improved better for health conditions. Despite the glaring differences, it is worth noting that both the urban and rural areas share harsh work condition and the fact that one can find reliable individuals in both cases. Thus, when choosing either to live in the big city or the countryside, one needs to make a more in-depth assessment of the benefits and drawbacks that each setting offers.

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