Consumerism Nowadays

In the present day world, it has become essential to manage weight and meals consumption. Currently, bookstores are filled with books that offer guidelines on how to manage the two. In fact weight management has become some thing similar to an obsession. Aside from journals and magazines, the social media is highly instrumental in creating this passion. Children from such a younger age are exposed to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore, the group filled with the mentality picked from the systems.
These communication platforms have individuals who are trying to find the public approval. It is to the extent that being slim is viewed as beauty. On the other hand adding a little weight motives someone to be ugly (Fardouly and Vartanian, 5). Consequently, movie actors portray the same picture that it is best to be slim. Often modelling pictures are taken from thin girls. ‘Fat’ girls are not allowed to model. Therefore, the younger generation grows up with the knowledge that being fat will cause them to lack competitive opportunities. Thus, from a young age, they form a dieting habit; which becomes part of their life. Research shows that girls are profoundly affected as compared to boys (Grabe, Ward and Hyde, 470)

The issue is significant to me, and I believe it is a critical issue to others too. There are a growing number of girls with eating disorders such as anorexia. Fardouly and Vartanian, 2016 supports my thoughts on the effects of social media and growing nature of body concerns. It is due to the exposure that one is on social media (Fardouly and Vartanian, 4). As much as women are profoundly affected men are involved with bodybuilding; which makes them attractive. Therefore, instead of proper exercise; they take drugs to enhance muscle growth (Hargreaves and Tiggemann 109).

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