Conditions Commonly Found in Family

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The two most common diseases in the family are diabetes and hypertension. Although the two conditions are often thought to be lifestyle-related illnesses, they are inherited in this case because they run in the family (Gries and Wiedmann 54). Both characteristics are X-linked and prevalent in the maternal family, while the maternal grandfather transfers the hypertension trait to two of his daughters and the type 1 diabetes trait to one of his daughters. On the other hand, hypertension is a Y-Linked dominant characteristic in the paternal generation, as both sons have it despite the fact that their parents (grandparents) died of unexplained diseases. However, that all the sons inherit the trait, it is undoubtedly clear that they must have acquired it from their father.

Diabetes and hypertension non-modifiable risk factors

According to Eliahou (3), certain factors increase the risk of acquiring Diabetes and Hypertension. However, some are beyond individual’s control. Family history of diabetes is one factor that influences the likelihood of individuals acquiring the disease. The two conditions are to an extent inherent and can be passed on from one generation to the next. In this case, there is not much that an individual would do to offset its occurrence if there is a history of diabetes in his lineage. In the case under scrutiny for instance, Type one Diabetes is passed on from the maternal grandfather to the mother, while the grandfather in the maternal generation passes hypertension on to his two daughters.

Age influences our immunity and as people age, their chances of developing the disease is heightened. For instance, most members in this family developed the two conditions after the age of 40. Gestation is another factor influencing chances of acquiring Diabetes. Some expectant mothers tend to develop the disease prior to the delivery of the baby. While the condition may disappear after childbirth for some women, for others it may recur later in life.

Diabetes and Hypertension Modifiable factors

Physical activity, diet, body weight and stress are risk factors that are controllable by the choices people make. Involving oneself in physical exercise, healthy eating, managing a healthy body weight and managing stress can go a long way in building one’s immunity against development of diabetes and hypertension. (Eliahou 4)

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