Conceptualization of Moral

Humans create subjective beliefs as a result of their independent existence and beliefs formed as a result of their environment. Whatever their source, such ideas direct and, to a large degree, control our actions and how we communicate with others. I am a true believer in male and female equality. The belief has moral ramifications because the treatment of men and women can be judged ethically. I believe that all people, regardless of gender, are created equal and, as such, should be treated without bias or discrimination.
My Beliefs Have Been Conceived
I began observing the differences between how men and women are treated when I was a teenager. There existed groups of people in school, within the community and on the media which would sensitize the public over the disparity that exists between men and women in the society. In this regard, I can affirm that my belief regarding gender equality was arrived at through exposure to information relating to the matter from various sources. However, I did not internalize the issue purely due to societal perceptions of the problem. I conducted extensive research on the vice that is gender disproportion in high school, at which point I decided to make it a personal belief of mine to perpetuate the concept of equality for all genders.

Cultural Perspectives for and Against My Belief

One culture that had considerable positive influence toward the formulation of my opinion in equality between the sexes is the Twitter culture. As I interacted with different people on the global social media platform, I was awoken to the passionate multitude of people who also hold faithful to the issue of gender parity. Moreover, Twitter sensitized me on matters pertinent to my belief such as the fact that women are paid less for the same work as men do. This served to strengthen my belief and encouraged me to impart my knowledge of this vice onto others as this was pivotal to social change. It is imperative to consider that there are cultures which hold men to a much higher standard than women, and by extension, seek to perpetuate patriarchy in the world. Having conducted extensive research on the matter, it soon became evident that such cultures include Islamic and Hindu culture. These impose strict rules as to what women can do, what they ought to wear, how they ought to behave, and what they should endeavor to become. In my consideration, these rules constitute a gross violation of women’s freedom, and their ability to achieve whatever their hearts desire. As such, it is evident that such cultures stand against my belief regarding gender equality or lack thereof in the world.

Impartial Observer and Conclusion

In the case of a neutral observer, I would think that, provided they are rational and ethically upright, they should consent to my position. This is primarily because any sound and moral person should strive to ensure that others are treated in a just and fair manner. To this end, the existence of gender disparity in the society, in various sectors such as economics and politics, ought to register as an undesirable state which needs to be remedied. Such an impartial observer would, therefore, conform to my belief rather than the opposite. In conclusion, I consider gender inequality to be a significant inhibitor to the success of a human society, and in this regard, ought to be purged from the community to attain a genuinely utopian existence.

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