Computer Science and Astronomy

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Every person has different motivations for pursuing a specific desire or goal; in my case, both goals need focus. For a long time, I have wished to major in computer science and astronomy in order to help realize my childhood dreams and wishes. My parents had a saying that “before loving others, one must value oneself.” I absorbed those words and wanted to try a curriculum that would make me feel valuable. However, what drew me to this particular course is the fact that it has a programming dimension, which I believe will assist me in carrying out my plans. Several things make this major interesting, for instance, it allows me to combine computer science with trainings in astronomy, and acquire novel perspective in the interdisciplinary work. Also, it gives me little pressure by knowing that even if I fail in starting a business immediately after graduation, I shall have a simple task of looking for a job. Moreover, I can still complete a pool of courses in a single area such as double minor or major.

By the end of this program, I shall have gained many technical and nontechnical skills that employers can find valuable, ranging from programming to leadership. The increasing scope means I shall have a wide variety of choices to select. However, I already decided my plan of starting an IT consultancy firm, which shall help me work in partnership with clients to provide a solution and advises to some of their challenging practices such as designs and installations. I shall achieve my inspirations and have no regret for enrolling in this program.

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