Computer Hacking

The existence of computer hacking mechanisms has grown over the years due to the enhanced technology and programs. Indeed, the speed and accuracy that have been being used by the hackers in the previous years has tremendously grown, therefore giving them an upper hand in accessing information easily. Password hacking is a fundamental threat to the technology users and lookup has indicated that most users tend to apply a few passwords over a range of accounts. With the increased possibility of hacking passwords, the computer customers have been subjected into a greater risk of their passwords being exposed.
Various criticisms have risen through the journal, which contradict the actuality of situations. First, the indication of the author that cracking a password is the easiest thing that can be done by a kiddie is questionable (Goodin, 1). Indeed, the ease of cracking password has increased, but does not mean anyone can conduct such an activity. This is because cracking a password requires a progressive learning process of the patterns that individuals use over time. For this reason, cracking a password takes time and requires creativity of combining different pattern commands, which will increase the probability of succeeding. Secondly, the indication by Goodin that the hacking engines encounter major challenges to crack longer passwords can be criticized (2). With the advent of enhanced technology and improved hacking skills, the hacking engines have been developed to accommodate passwords and commands, thus being able to retrieve long and sophisticated passwords.

In agreement, the author indicates that it is expensive to keep up with the changing password choices that people tend to use nowadays. Indeed, conducting a hacking process is a costly activity, which requires stronger graphics-enables computers that are not cheap. This process also involves the cost of time taken to process various password patterns until a specific one id opened. Therefore, it is true that the cost of cracking passwords is high and involving.

Works Cited

Goodin, D. “Risk Assessment.” Why passwords have never been weaker and crackers have never been stronger, 21 Aug. 2012, p. 1-4.

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