Competence in Community

The ability to speak fluently is a vital part of our lives, since it is the only way our thoughts can be conveyed. For one to become a professional communicator, there are many directions. One solution is to read, so it helps you to apply what you have learned to what happens in real life (Mindtools, n.d.). What one has learned from working in communities and strengthening contact with fellow members must also be put into effect (Zabava& Andrew, 2013). In this way, you not only develop interpersonal communication concepts, but you also acquire the requisite experience that helps you to engage in any sort of relationship competently. Communication is embedded in all parts of our lives and it, therefore, plays a crucial role in enabling us to live a satisfying life and also enhance our professional relationships. For instance, in the academic field being able to communicate ensures we create strong interpersonal relationships with our fellows and at the same time enables us to achieve good grades. Academic success heavily relies on good listening, speaking and writing skills; which are the critical elements of communication (Bevan & Sole, 2014). Employers equally seek good communication skills among graduates hence being a competent communicator can be a stepping stone towards realizing professional goals.

Some of the communication skills that I perceive to have mastered include non-verbal skills such as maintaining eye contact and managing the tone of my voice. However, I believe I need to improve my listening skills so that I can become more attentive (Bevan & Sole, 2014). Ability to listen to others will enhance interpersonal relationship because failing to interrupt others while they are expressing their views shows you care about their opinion.


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