Company’s Firewalls Installation

This memo is being written to highlight the importance of our company’s firewalls being installed. Since joining this organization, I’ve discovered that the computer system is available to everyone, even strangers. This trend is hazardous to the business because it reveals a great deal of classified information to the general public. I will include an in-depth review and proposal in this memo that will be useful to the organization. On
Why is it necessary to look into this issue?
Any company must have a firewall. Malicious acts and malicious operators would be prevented from interfering with the company’s operations if the computer system is secured (Selvi, Sankar, & Umarani, 2014). On more than one occasion, there have been reports of important information being stolen. It was difficult to trace this data because all the computers are open and anyone can access them. In case we had all computers locked and one accessible for users, then it would be easy to try tracing the intruder. I agree that firewall installation is expensive, but it is an essential thing that the company cannot afford to run from.

Preliminary Ideas for Solving the Problem

Alternative software to the firewall is ZoneAlarm, this software comes with free antivirus, and it ensures maximum security to the computer system (Rogers & Ashford, 2015). Though firewall is the best regarding security, ZoneAlarm is also good and cheaper than a firewall. With ZoneAlarm, the business will be sure that the system is locked from malicious operators as there will be restricted areas that a person cannot access without the authorization of the administrator.

What Research Has Been Conducted on the Problem?

Before I thought of the seriousness of this problem, I tried to reach out to my co-workers. All of them were having the same idea that we need to have security features added to the system. They say that by computers being open, they are not assured of the security of their private information concerning their dockets. Thus, it is vital for the company to consider their cry for easy working.


This memo has exposed the deep concern by almost everybody in this business. Installation of the security features on the computers will allow for smooth running of operations as well as privacy.


Rogers, G., & Ashford, T. (2015). Cyber Security Applications: Freeware & Shareware. Association Supporting Computer Users in Education.

Selvi, V., Sankar, R., & Umarani, R. (2014). The design and implementation of on-line examination using firewall security. IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR-JCE) e-ISSN.

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