Community of Timberland

A community is a small or large social unit or a group of people who share something in common, such as values, religion, attributes, or character. Via correspondence stages, groups often share a sense of a place that is organized in a given topographical region such as a country, town, area, or neighborhood, or virtual space. A sense of belonging is often characterized by stable relationships that extend beyond immediate genealogical bonds. The process of looking at information in groups to describe needs, obstacles, opportunities, position, and assets is known as group review. The group profile is the end product of the study. Group study can likewise get characterized as the way toward recognizing the attributes of the client group and the earth in which they live and evaluating their requirements. The Community Needs Analysis examines and surveys present, and future society needs, so next bearings are focused on meeting nearby needs in the most impartial, viable and proficient route inside the parameters of Council’s part and accessible assets. The key issues concerning the Council’s populace and socioeconomics patterns are populace decrease, populace maturing, the level of remoteness and separation and the higher than average level of financial weakness over the area (Klosterman, 1990). When directing group investigation, different angles, for example, neighborhood history, current occupants, physical conditions, monetary conditions, social conditions and political conditions are considered. What the name of the area broke down in this work is the Timberland.

Timberland History

Genealogical records started around the seventeenth century demonstrating that Timberland was a medieval town, perhaps a little market town. The Oglala Lakota are customary individuals in the Timberland neighborhood. The Timberland people group has confronted a few difficulties which incorporate vast numbers of the walkways are in a dangerous condition, soil and groundwater defilement from earlier mechanical and auto-arranged land employments. The territory additionally is inclined to high danger of flooding amid tidal occasions. The Timberland people group has much quality, for example, notable character, very much associated road lattice, the agriculturist’s market provincial goal that draws more than 300,000 guests yearly. There is additionally a lively retail condition and vicinity to state house grounds and waterfront. The people group has experienced a progression of changes over some undefined time frame. The area used to be more open, with space and trees and a decent view. The houses were new and well kept. It spoke to the perfect of American dream. From that point forward, the area has rotted. The region was calm because of elderly individuals who lived there (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965).

Current Residents of Timberland

There are four hundred plus people who reside in the area majority of which are aged between 86 to 28 years. The population comprises of many children’s. The racial and ethnic composition within the residence is very diverse, black and white Asians, Indians and Hispanic are the people who stay in the Timberland community. In this part, I want to learn how they interact with each other since their racist is different.

Physical Condition of the Timberland Community

The vacancy rate for rent within this neighborhood ranges between $800-$950 per month. The percentage of the renter to owner-occupied housing is high. Statistics show that the 75% of people reside in rented premises while 25% lives in their own constructed or bought houses. The majority of the people who live in their own houses stay in one estate while those who pay rent lives in a different area within the community and this give an impression of how the city looks. There are parks within the area such as Culpepper Park which provides two acres of park space with a playground and baseball field. There is also Lions Club Park which offers all types of recreation activities for people living in the area (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965).

Economic Condition of the Timberland Community

The unemployment rate of the residents in this field is only 28%. The majority of the people work within the nearby cities. Their average income is between $3000-$5000 per month. The only business district existing within the Timberland community is Charlotte Center City which has yard sale markets, garage sales and movie night show businesses. Many of the firms in this region are owned and run by the residents of this neighborhood (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965). The potential employer within this region is the Everett mills with estimated 175 residents who work there.

Social Condition of the Timberland Community

The inhabitants of this community do not know each other very well due to the existence of diverse race and ethnicity. Some people practice agricultural activities within this region. People gather in Nextdoor which is based in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2010 by Benchmark capital. There is a sense in the community since Nextdoor where people gather to discuss developments ensure the emergency response, provide technology for making neighborhoods stronger and improve the lives of the residents (Thrall, 2002). 

Political Conditions in Timberland Community

The residents in this community vote and they belong to Republican Party. The local representative is the mayor; the state is represented by the governor while the state is represented by the president. All the three representatives of the three levels respond to the problems of the community accordingly.

Homeowners in Timberland Community

The majority of the residents have stayed in this region for more than 100 years. Research conducted shows that those with parents live together in one place. All the residents are supportive and actively involved in organizations activities. They have positive perception pertaining this neighborhood because of the existence of security within the region, recreational facilities, small living expenses and availability of cheap households within the area. The support provided by the local, state and national representatives also makes the inhabitants to love the place (Thrall, 2002). 

Renters in Timberland Community

Tenants live in Oregon estate on contract agreement to stay for two years after which they renew the contract to continue residing in those houses. Many of the renters live two bedroom houses which are well refurbished by their owners to ensure conducive environment to tenants as per the set regulation by housing board. The occupants belong to associations whereby they contribute monthly to get money for maintenance of things like sewerage systems within the estate (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965).

Faith Based Institution in Timberland Community

Most of the members of the faith based institution come from Oregon land, and they are part of the community. They are actively involved in local activities such as building new and development of existing schools. They also employ people to clean the estates within the community to ensure health. Water which is used in most parts of the community comes from some of the borehole institutions (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965). Members of the faith organizations gather in the churches to discuss the developments to get initiated into the community. The members joined and constructed rental houses in the Oregon estate to generate money to get used in community development activities.

Business and Property Owners in Timberland Community

The owners of many firms and assets in this community have been there for more than fifty years. The employees in those companies are the residents of the community. The businesses are profitable because they have opened new branches in the neighborhood. They also have high sales which are an indication of success in business operations. The owners of the businesses are involved in civic organizations which regulate the standards of the companies get met. The civil organizations also avoid ultra-vires within the businesses (Thrall, 2002). .

Social Services Agencies in Timberland Community

Fountain Inn public agency brings news and information to the residents of this community. The firm has partnered with Nextdoor which is an association of the community, and this ensures the connection between the community and the agency. Only a few of the residents work in the Fountain Inn office. It is under the larger social service system, and it serves people well (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965). The agency is influential to the community because it provides any breaking news and information to the inhabitants.

Large Institution in Timberland Community

The large institutions like schools are connected to the community in that children’s of the residents get an education through them. The residents feel that they are helpful since they provide services at low costs. Some of the programs offered by this institution are the farming education, investment ideas, and health tips. Only a few of the residents work in those schools like cooks and guards (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965).

Community Organizations in Timberland Community

The team core mission is to ensure the safety of residents, clean environment and availability of fresh water for use. All this get enhanced through a partnership with government. The associations are meant to serve the members of the community. The board members are some of the people from the community who represent the rest of the population. The agendas raised mostly in the monthly meetings concern increase in security and water such that residents can use it for more activities like farming. Through the board of members, the association gets well connected to the community (Klosterman, 1990). .

Corporations in Timberland Community

The large employers are the companies which operate within the neighborhood. News in the community gets well disseminated to the general public through different media. Olympian is the regional newspaper read by the people. Olympia has one cable television station, as well as two FM and one AM radio station with nostalgia, country music, classical, soft rock, and eclectic programming. The business organizations which exist within this region are the leather industries and cloth making industries. They are well connected to the community since they give back social responsibility like the construction of roads and installation of security lights along the roads in the states. Bancorp is the largest financial institution in this neighborhood (Klosterman, 1990).  In conjunction with a community development financial institution, Bancorp provides loans to members of the community at low-interest rates. Their lending history is said to have been in existence for 25 years.

Philanthropic Organization in Timberland Community

Philanthropic organizations are nonprofit, nongovernmental entities that utilize donated assets and income to provide socially useful services. Weyerhaeuser is one of the charities which exists in the community. It is run by members from different parts of the world. They made the first charitable donation in 1903 and had provided more than $230 million in grants through their formal giving program, established in 1948. In both rural and urban settings, they support hundreds of relevant organizations and programs in the communities where they operate with money, time, skills and resources. They significantly ensure funding in the targeted areas since they have representatives and offices in those regions within the neighborhood. The role of the local united way is to identify the areas need to be funded for development and initiation of the events after getting funds from the organizations. The other type of philanthropic giving in the area is the provision of health facilities in the region (Klosterman, 1990). 

Government in Timberland Community

There is a strong mayor who is the head of the city. The governance here consists of the mayor, deputy mayor and two representatives from the community. The meeting is held after two months to discuss the welfare of the community. The city appointed a board of five people who represent them together with the mayor in the state and federal levels. There is an excellent relationship which exists between the community and the neighborhood. It is enhanced through the board of member appointed. Any support from the state to the community is passed through the board of the members and the mayor. The mayor is only supposed to serve for two terms in the office each five years, and then elections are conducted. They are elected by the state while the board is elected by members through fair voting. The citizens participate in the government through been given various tasks to perform (Kaufman & Bailey, 1965).

Large External Institutions in Timberland Community

Waldorf University which exists in the area has a 21% of residents out of town students. All types of university programs are offered since it is a large institution. The university researches how farming can be affected in the community. Research on how to develop the estates is also carried out by students from Waldorf University. There are many hospitals in the area who have their primary patients from within the region. They provide the range of programs and services such as treatment of patients and vaccination against any arising diseases in the area (Klosterman, 1990).  I got familiar with the community external resources through news and newspapers. Due to the existence of people of different race, I am familiar with some individuals and others are not also because of the language barrier. The Indians group of are the individuals I would like to know more since they own most of the properties within the region. To meet some of the individuals and groups within this area, I will engage myself with the boards of members who represent the broad community and also some students from the Waldorf University.


Community analysis gives measurements which can be utilized as a part of general group advancement. Team improvement Program assumes a critical role in both urban and provincial recreation. The best accomplishment of the team development Program has been the foundation of very much organized regulatory set up for formative exercises. From the middle of the town, a chain of developmental association has been made. The foundation of advancement pieces has quickened the procedure, and this is improved through an examination of group investigation. The working of the country is additionally made conceivable through group study. While there are numerous meanings of group advancement, the central idea for this examination is one of aggregate activity for social change, with an accentuation on strengthening and support, and an emphasis on process and also results. The advantages of the group advancement approach, for the most part, referred to include: strengthening and upgraded interest; better projects and results through the contribution of groups and a group particular, adaptable core interest. Given that it brings up issues about power redistribution and frequently tries to challenge fundamental imbalances in the public arena, team advancement unavoidably has a political measurement. The connection between the group division and the state is a critical inquiry in this measurement. With this gives an account of the investigation of the group, it can be utilized to enhance the ways of life of individuals who live inside Timberland people group (Klosterman, 1990). 


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