Communities Function

The defines community as a group of people living together, in the identical place, at the same time, and share particular characteristics together. Community provides people with a sense of stability, serves their needs and accepts them for who they are. The success of human beings in the society has great influence from their communities. The community defines who we are, what we do and how we live. I will discover the functions of the community, specifically how the community accepts us how we are or for who we are. The method of this paper will be an analysis of two articles, written at different times that try to describe the roles of the community in the human societies. The articles to be used are “Rituals and Traditions; It takes a tribe” and “A secret society of the Starving.” A community is an important facet of the society because it serves our needs, accept us for who we are, and provide us with a sense of stability.


The article “Rituals and Traditions; It Takes a Tribe” was written by David Berreby in 2004. The article setting is in campus or college life. The community addressed in the article is the school community. Throughout the article, the author demonstrates the different roles of the community. The school community, especially colleges and universities, are comprised of people from all lifestyles. They come together and develop a sense of belongingness. They share values and standards common to students in colleges. In the school scenario, the author shows how the school community accepts students who come from different corners of the country and the world and gives them an equal opportunity to access knowledge. In colleges and schools, the academic potentials of students differ significantly. Some are academically endowed; some cannot communicate effectively or speak fluent English, among other difference. However, while inside the school facility, they are identified as students of a certain university or college and they feel proud of being in that community. “…at colleges across the country, from Ivy League to less exclusive state schools, students who are mispronouncing the library’s name this month will soon feel truly and deeply a part of their college. They will be singing their school songs and cherishing the traditions (just as soon as they learn what they are)…”(Berreby). In this statement, the shows attempts to shows that the school community accepts students for whom they are.

In the school, people group according to their tribes, race or other factors. Human beings are social beings, they, therefore, identify according to their character, and they can do anything to defend their union or grouping. The world is characterized by different groupings such as schools, political movements, and religious groups. The interests of each group differ from one group to another (Berreby). However, despite their difference, each group in very important in the society. Any society is not lacking thousands of community grouping. As aforementioned, the groupings are based on the interest of the group. For example, the school fraternity’s interest may differ from that of the political class. Each of this group is important contributes to the wellbeing of the society.

The article “A secret Society of the Starving” by MimUdovitch also highlights the different roles of the community. Claire, 18 years old high school girls, is experiencing medical problems related to dieting for a repeated period of anorexia. Claire fails to eat enough food to maintain the minimum healthy weight. She appears a very weak girl for fewer intakes of calories. The eating disorder began when she was 14 years. Her eating disorder came about from her friend who introduced her to the new lifestyle of keeping weight at low. Anorexia is a health disorder that develops when somebody fails to eat enough food to maintain their healthy. Claire is not alone in this problem. According to the article, over 200 American women suffered from anorexia at that time. Despite her appearance of being weak, Claire is not segregated from the community actions. The anorexia community is not segregated. With her weak body, Claire is an active sportsperson. “…Claire’s is also the kind of town where how the local high school does in sports matters. Claire herself plays two sports. Practice and team fund-raisers are a regular part of her life, along with the typical small-town-Florida teenage occupations — going to ”some hick party,” hanging out with friends in the parking lot of the Taco Bell, bowling, and going to the beach”(Udovith). Her friends do not sideline her from their daily activities because of her look or body shape. Instead, they collaborate to do different activities important to the society.

Chaos is a full-time university student, but she works full time as well. Her anorexic condition does not bar her from getting a good job. She is a hard working girl who takes double major. Besides academic and work, Chaos is an artist. She can play different musical instruments, and she is a good photographer. Another girl by the name Futurebird has the same problem as Claire and Chaos, but she says she is contented with her look and everything. These people feel comfortable with their body appearance though it is unhealthy to skip meals. The anorexia population in the United States is wide has been growing for the years. The spread of the grouped triggered the establishment of online sites where the Pro-ana and those supposed to be an anorexic meet and discuss issues important to them. Their condition brings them together. They are not lonely and but they feel part of the society. The fact that these people participate actively in society functions go to school, they work and lead other significant activities in life is an indication of the role of the society; accepting us who we are. Community creates a sense of belongingness that gives people the courage to carry on with their lives normally.


The communities recognize and appreciate that people differ in so many ways. People have different interests in their life. As long what person does not affect other parts of the community negatively, they are assured of the protection of their society. For example, the division of school by their performance does warrant one community to despise and reject the other. The human communities recognize and accept the disparity in the human population. The community function differs depending on who is being served and what their functions are. A community is an important facet of the society because it serves our needs, accept us for who we are, and provide us with a sense of stability.

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