Communication’s Role in Interpersonal Relationship

Over the previous decades, massive technological advancement in conversation has greatly impacted the way people speak in recent times. More so, this advancement in science affecting interpersonal the adoptions of Instant messaging platforms have greatly modified the aspect of interpersonal communication. This is despite the interpersonal communication remaining an integral factor for effective and successful workplace communications. Effective interpersonal relationship skills are essential for the improvement of other key life skills. Communication stays an integral element of interpersonal relationships. However, the ever altering aspect of interpersonal relationships is also structured on other factors such as message and empathy to be successful.
Key words: communication, technology in communication, interpersonal communication
The massive technological communication in the recent decades has altered the way in which messages are sent and received between two people. Despite the technology advancement in the modern time, the needs of interpersonal relationship have never continued to exist not only between friends but also in places of work. The increasing dependent on technology has threatened the importance of interpersonal relationships. According to Marcinkiewicz-Wilk (57), communication is an integral element of interpersonal relations, hence can hardly be ignored. On one side, without communication, the chances of interpersonal relations existing are minimal.

With reference to his article, “marriage and family” Ruppel (47) identified that communication is an integral element of a successful marriage and family setting. In close family relationships, communication is a key element that sustains the relations, and in turn can hardly be ignored when it comes to interpersonal relations. Manning (69), provides a detailed approach on how to perform data analysis with reference to a research of this kind. More so, with the article in support of communication as an integral part of success relations, the contribution by Manning can hardly be ignored. On the other hand, The Nation’s Health March 2011 identifies the importance of healthy relations in people’s life. This in turn supports the notion that, healthy interpersonal relations depends on healthy communication skills. Gottman (79) highlights some of the key principles of successful marriage. With a host of different articles selected that supported the importance of communication as an element of the relationship. Marriage is one of the institutions best displaying the impact of relationships, hence hey to proposed study.


With reference to the research topic, ‘role of interpersonal communication in interpersonal relationships’, the knowledge obtained will be essential towards the establishment of way in which interpersonal relationships can be made a success in the future. The research will help in identifying how communication technology can be utilized in support or enhancing the interpersonal relations not only in family setting but also in the larger society and the workplace.


The research will adopt interview and survey as the primary data collection method. However, the research will depend to a great extent the past research on the same field, hence drawing conclusion from previous researches and the data collected from the intended survey. The reason for the adoption of the survey as the main method for the research is due to the idea that, three of the research article utilized in the literature review also adopted the method, and it was a success.

Potential Setbacks

With reference to the proposed research study, expected limitations are the ability to obtain personal information from the selected participants. The selected people may feel uncomfortable to disclose the case with reference to their family, friends or spouses. However, this research study will utilize an estimated 100 participants so as the success rate can be higher.


Interpersonal relationships have remained an integral aspect of human life. This is despite massive technological development in communication in recent decades. The success of interpersonal relations is directly dependent on communication as it is clear that, it remains a key element to its success. Technology development has not managed to replace interpersonal relations, and hence the need for communication all through people’s lives.

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